SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Leinster-st. to Stephen's-green, Nth.

P. St. Anne.—1 to 12 Trinity W. 13 to 35 Mansion-house W. 36 to 47 Royal Exchange W.—City.

1, 2, and 3 Kildare-Street Club—Chas. Miller, esq. secretary; Peter Curry, house steward

4 Seymour, Webb, and Co. sol. 95l.

„ Seymour, Edw. Wight, solicitor

„ Seymour, John W. solicitor

„ Scott, Bindon, solicitor

„ Seymour, Rev. Edward, curate of St. Andrew's

„ Webb, Stawell, solicitor

5 Irish Railway Clearing House—J. W. Elwin, secretary, 88l.

6 Space for building

7 Darley, H. m.d. m.b. a.m. t.c.d. 75l.

8 Meade and Colles, solicitors, 72l.

„ Colles, Graves C. solicitor

„ Meade, Josias Dunn, solicitor

9 Davis, George, m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 65l.

here Kildare-lane intersects

Royal Dublin Society House—William Edward Steele, esq. m.d. assist. secretary; Henry C. White, esq., registrar, 1250l.

Government School of Art—head-master, Henry MacManus, r.h.a. professor Natural History Museum—A. Carte, esq. m.d. director

Agricultural Museum—Mr. Andrew Corrigan, curator

here Shelbourne-pl. & Kildare-pl. intersect.

10 Church Education Society—Rev. Alex. Leeper, chaplain and secretary

11 Board-room of the Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith, esq.—Eustace Thorp, esq. registrar, 50l.

12 Burke, John Hogan, solicitor, and 10 Sorrento-road, Dalkey, valued with 27 Stephen's-green, north

„ Burke, James M. barrister, j.p. and Queenstown lodge, Dalkey

„ Burke, Martin, esq. proprietor of the Shelbourne hotel

„ D'Arcy, Martin B. esq.

here Stephen's-green, North, intersects.

13 D'Arcy, John, wine merchant

14 Burrows, Thomas, and Co. military tailors, clothiers, &c. 38l.

„ Ebbs, Henry, solicitor

„ Stoney, Sadlier, barrister, j.p. and Cabinteely house, Cabinteely

15 Lyons, William, solicitor, and 53 Upper Baggot-street, 50l.

„ Watkins, Bartholomew, artist, importer, restorer, and agent for the purchase and sale of pictures on commission

16 Carleton, Edward C. solicitor, 58l.

„ Wade, George, clerk of the peace, co. Dublin

„ Pollock, George A. and Edward C. Carleton, deputy clerks of the peace, county Dublin

17 Vacant, 35l.

18 Fleming and Co. Parisian dyeing and cleaning establishment, 40l.

19 Bellingham, Mrs. 40l.

20 O'Hagan, Jno. barrister, & Commissioner of National Education, 58l.

21 Porter, Geo. H. m.b. & surgeon, 66l.

22 Lepla, Henry, 42l.

23 O'Brien, Octavius, solicitor, 70l.

24 Garbois, Mr. and Mrs. professors of dancing and kalisthenic exercises, 55l.

„ Garbois, Wm. professor of dancing

25 Owens, George B. m.d. gen. medical practitioner, agent to the New Equitable Life Insurance Co. 65l.

26 Stapleton, Wm. a.b. t.c.d. principal of the University civil & military institution 50l.

27 Stapleton, W. Ringland, esq. Westmeath Rifles, 50l.

28 Johnston, John, land agent, & lime works, Thorncastle-street, Ringsend, 55l.

here Schoolhouse-lane intersects

29 Kidney, Robert, vintner, 23l.

30 Doyle, Mr. Louis C. 23l.

31 Goslin, Kate, dressmaker, 25l.

32 Phelan, Mrs. 30l.

33 Bloomfield, Ben. sol. Mast. Extra. Ct. of Chancery England, for taking answers, affidavits, & examination of witnesses, & Commisr. for Cts. of Law at Westminster, for taking affidavits in Ireland, & 7 Crofton-terrace, Kingstown, 35l.

„ Leahy, Edmond, solicitor

„ Plunkett, Hon. Geo. J. barrister

34 Cavagnari, Adolph, Major, French army

35 Day, Mrs. and Miss, ornamental leather workers, & juvenile dressmakers, 15l.

here Molesworth-street intersects

36 Percival, Mrs. E. 40l.

37 Costelloe, Miss, 30l.

38 Field, Mrs. 30l.

39 Thorp, Daniel, solicitor, 46l.

40 Cochrane, Thomas, house painter and decorator, 16l.

41 Tyrrell and Stanuell, solicitors, 40l.

„ Tyrrell, James, solicitor

„ Stanuell, Charles G. solicitor

42 Vacant, 20l.

here Frederick-lane, South, intersects

43 Kearns' hotel, Jas. Smith, proprietor, and Little Moyle, Carlow, 68l.

„ Bunbury, Colonel Kane, & Moyle, co. Carlow

„ La Touche, Wm. esq. and Harristown, Kildare

„ Barton, Edward George, esq.

44 Crampton, Mrs. 85l.

45 Kemmis, Thomas, Crown solicitor for the Leinster circuit

„ Kemmis, Richard, solicitor

„ Kemmis, William, solicitor

46 Elvidge Royal hotel, Thomas Maguires, proprietor, 192l.

47 Boon & West, military clothrs. 66l.

„ Boon, James Martin, tailor, and 2 Mulgrave terrace, Kingstown

„ West, Mr. John

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