Kevin-street, Cross

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bride-st. New, to Kevin-st. Up.

P. St. Peter.—21 to 28 Wood-quay W. 29 to 36 Mansion-house W.—City.

21 and 22 O'Neill, Mrs. salesmaster and butter factor, 13l., 30l.

23 York, Pat. inn & livery stables, 24l.

24 Sharpe, Eliza fruiterer, 13l.

[25 & 26—22l.]

25 Redmond, Mrs. butter crane,

26 Reilly, Mary, provision dealer,

27 Tenements, 13l.

28 Meara, Patrick, nailer, 10l. 10s.

„ Palmer, Ellen, provision dealer

here Kevin-st. Up. and Bishop-st. intersect.

29 Duffy, Philip, baker & flour mer. 18l.

29½ Byrne, James, dairy, 8l.

30 O'Brien, Michael, prov. stores, 14l.

here Maher's-court intersects

31 Byrne, Robert, coal factor, 10l.

32 M'Grath, Thomas, grocer, 16l.

here Lamb's-court intersects

33 Berry, William, & Co. seedsmen, 33l.

34 and 35 Tenements, 16l., 23l.

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