SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mountbrown to Watling-street.

P. St. James.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

The South Dublin Union Workhouse

including Nos. 1 to 5—George Hepburn, clerk

„ Grant, James F. m.d. f.r.c.s.i.

here Pigtown-lane intersects

6 Hurley, James, provision dealer, 8l.

7 Pillsworth, Anthony, lodging-house, and stage, 8l.

8 Nelson, Mrs. provision dealer, 14l.

9 Tenements, 5l.

here Houghey's-court intersects

10 Tenements, 15l.

11 Healy, Mrs. lodgings, 8l.

12 Fuller, Mrs. Mary, brushmaker, 12l.

13 Lambe, J. chimney sweeper, 9l.

here Quirk's-lane intersects

14 and 15 Tenements, 8l., 5l.

16 Scott, Mrs. Catherine, seminary, 7l.

17 Nolan, Michael, grocer, & 146, 31l.

18 Herbert, John, agent, 11l.

19 Tenements, 12l.

20 O'Toole, Mr. Patrick, 15l.

21 Kenny, Patrick, Inland Revenue officer, 20l.

here Basin-lane intersects

22 Reddin, Margaret, provision dealer, and jaunting car owner, and 1 Basin-lane, 11l.

22½ Nulty, Michl. provision dealer, 8l.

23 Greenlees, Amelia M. midwife, 15l.

24 Dixon, Joseph Fras. wool stapler, 28l.

25 Parker, Wm. & Sam. tanners, and 36 and 37 Back-lane, 26l.

26 Mason, William, coal merchant, 13l.

27 Fox, John, grocer, 13l.

28 Wyles, Edw. corn & hay factor, 14l.

29 Mahon, James, corn, hay, and potato factor, 40l.

30 Rorke, John, grocer & prov.deal. 13l.

31 and 32 Tenements, 22l., 12l.

32½ Keating, Mr. John

33 Blake, Ml. jaunting car owner, and news agent, 22l.

34 Walsh, Mrs. dairy, 22l.

35 White, Richd. tanner & currier, 55l.

36 Tenements, 10l.

37 Longhead, John, nailer, 8l.

38 and 39 Byrne, James, builder and contractor, 11l., 20l.

40 Coffey, William, victualler, 27l.

41 Keogh, John, vintner, 10l.

41½ Field, George, tailor, 13l.

42 Byrne, Bartholomew and William, tanners, 53l.

„ Byrne, William John

43 Kiernan, John, apothecary, 14l.

44 Trench, Miss Mary, 12l.

45 and 46 Tenements, 11l. 10s., 8l.

47 Harrison, J. tinplate worker, 12l.

48 Buckley, John, nail maker, 15l.

49 Tenements, 12l.

50 M'Cabe, Eliza, vintner, 20l.

here Echlin-street intersects

51 Darcy, P. provision dealer, 14l.

52 Tenements, 24l.

53 Donegan, Laur. grocer and spirit merchant, 22l.

54 & 56 Cassidy, Jn. horse managr. 21l.

55 Tenements, 15l.

56 & 54 Cassidy, J. stables, 18l.

57 Tenements, 12l.

58 Moore, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 22l.

59 M'Cabe, Michael, bookseller, stationer, and general dealer, 11l.

60 Healy, John, tallow chandler, 25l.

61 St. James's R. Catholic Chapel—Rev. Edwd. Kennedy, p.p. chaplain of Kilmainham prison; Rev. John Donovan, Rev. Patrick J. Gilligan, Rev. Jas. Ternan, Rev. Arthur Doran, Rev. James Connolly, & Rev. William Walsh, 24 St. James's terrace, 60l.

62 Rice, Edw. J. P. general drapers

63 L'Estrange, C. and Son, tanners and trotter oil manufacturers, 45l.

64 Tracy, Henry, druggist, 35l.

„ Kelly, Terence, horse breaker

65 Tenements, 15l.

66 Haslam, Jas. tailor & draper, 15l.

67 Caulfield, George, grocer, coal, corn, and provision merchant, and car proprietor and maker, 24l.

68 Pentland, Robert, com. agent, 18l.

69 Fortune, Mary Jane, grocer & spirit merchant, 27l.

70 Ledwith, Michael, carpenter, 20l.

71 Jones, Wood Gibson, haberdasher, and relieving officer, 18l.

72 Tenements, 16l.

73 Baxter, Mary, victualler, 12l.

74 Ward, Hugh, boot & shoe maker, 19l.

75 Madden, Wm. jun. m.d. m.a.h.i. general medical practitioner, 28l.

„ Madden, William, tertius, m.a.h.i.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—William Madden, receiver

76 Kavanagh, The Misses, 12l.

77 Droughton, John, prov. dealer, 15l.

78 Keenan, James, spirit dealer, 17l.

79 and 80 stores of A. Guinness, Son, and Co.

81 Usher, Simeon, brewer to A. Guinness and Co. 37l.

here James's-gate intersects

82 Purser, John, tertius, brewer, 32l.

83 Establishment of A. Guinness and Co.—See James's-gate.

„ Guinness, Benjamin Lee, esq. 80 Stephen's green, south, and St. Anne's, Clontarf

84 Hartford, Bibby, esq. 20l.

85, 86, and 87 Savings' Bank, 42l.

here Watling-street intersects

88 Dempsey, William, wine and spirit grocer. 15l.

89 Phoenix Porter Brewery Co.—brewery, Watling-street, 130l.

„ Brenan, Charles, esq.

„ Chester, John, esq.

„ Woolley, J. H. esq.

90 Sinnott, N. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 20l.

91 Burk, John, baker, 24l.

here Cherrytree-lane intersects

92 and 93 Vacant

94 Connor, Ml. board & lodgings, 20l.

95 Downey, Patk. boot & shoem. 22l.

„ Kappock, Michael, livery stables

96 Kildare Hotel and Farmers' Home—W. Carthy, proprietor, 28l.

97 Tenements, 13l.

98 Plunkett, Jas. t.c. pawnbroker, & Prospect house, Ballyboden, 56l.

99 Jeffers, Mr. William, 18l.

100 Tenements, 18l.

101 Keon, Patrick, and Co. rectifying distillers, wholesale wine, spirit, & tea merchants, 46l.

„ Keon, Patrick, esq. and 14 Tivoli terrace, south, Kingstown,

102 Warham, Thomas, commission agent, and carrier, 20l.

103 Lenehan, Thomas, clerk, 21l.

104 Tenements, 15l.

105 Simington, Johanna, confect. 22l.

106 Meldon, Richard, tobacconist, 10l.

„ Benson, Thos. chemist & druggist

107 Ledwich, Richard, dairy, 16l.

here Cummins's-court intersects

108 Cummins, Richd. saddler and harness maker, 20l.

„ Greene, John, horse dealer and clipper to the garrison

109 Hog in Armour inn, Edward Burke, proprietor, 23l.

110 Faulkner, Pk, Irish Arms hotel, 25l.

„ Faulkner, Patrick, papermanuf.—paper mills, 3 to 8 Old Kilmainham, and 33 Henry-street—wholesale office and stores

111 Wyles, Edw. corn & hop factor, 33l.

112 O'Neill, Henry, 28l.

113 Manders, Robert, and Co. brewers, and 116, 423l.

„ Manders, Alfred, esq. and Flesk Priory, Killarney

„ Manders, Fred. esq. Belfield Roebuck

„ Manders, Richard, esq. j.p. and Brackenstown, Swords

„ Manders, Robert, esq. j.p. and Landscape, Dundrum

„ Manders, Herbert, esq. & Obelisk-park, Blackrock

„ Manders, Rich. esq. Shanganagh, Bray

„ Geoghegan, Robert, esq. Carysfort lodge, Stillorgan

114 Manders, Rich. & Co. millers, bakers, & flour merchants, 8 & 9 Fownes's street, 49 Moore st., 76 Church st., 29 Lr. Camden st., 142 Lr. Baggot st.—flour mills, Island bridge, 100l.

115 Murphy, Catherine, and Co. curled hair manufs. and feather mers. and 1 and 2 Bridgefoot street, 35l.

„ Macready, Edward, curled hair and feather merchant

116 Manders, Robert, and Co. brewers, and 113, 28l.

„ Murphy, William, esq.

117 O'Rourke, Jas. D. Eagle tavern, 18l.

118 and 119 Byrne, John, hairdresser, each 5l.

120 Meehan, Rose, dairy, 6l.

121 Kelly, Bridget, prov. dealer, 5l.

St. James's Church—Rev. Thos. Kingston, rector

122 Heritage, George, fancy and toy warehouse, 15l.

123 Kelly, Michael, prov. dealer, 6l.

124 Edwards, Paul, tobacconist, 6l.

125 M'Hugh, Patrick, dealer, 11l.

125½ O'Neill, Wm. malt roaster

here Lamb's-court intersects

126 M'Guirk, John, tallow chandler and tobacco dealer, 11l.

127 Dowling, Jas. prov. dealer, 20l.

128 Kavanagh, Hugh, prov. dealer, 14l.

129 Stevenson, Montgomery, grocer and spirit dealer, 17l.

130 Tenements. 15l.

here Nash's-court intersects

131 Carpenter, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, 16l.

132 Crawford, John, hatter, 12l.

133 Pilsworth, Patrick, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, and 78 Thomas street, 15l.

134 Ruddell, William, tobacco, snuff, and cigar manufacturer, 117 and 148 Francis street, 54l.

here Steevens's-ln. and Bow-ln. intersect.

135 and 136 Tenements, 3l.

137 Ledwidge, Joseph, smith, 10l.

138 Byrne, Pet. grocer & spirit mer. 14l.

139 and 140 Tenements, 4l., 24l.

140½ M'Mullen, Mrs. milliner and dress maker

141 Stores, 27l.

142 Delany, Thomas, prov. dealer, 8l.

143 Lamphier, Mrs. Bridget, 12l.

144 St. James's Infant School—Miss Elizabeth M'Bride, teacher

145 & 146 Nolan, Ml. grocer, & 17, 12l.,13l.

147 Toole, George, clerk, 13l.

148 Owens, John, corn stores, 14l.

149 Tenements, 9l.

150 Owens, John, corn chandler, 14l.

151 Fitzpatrick, Jas. cattle dealer, 16l.

152 Berryhill, R. H. book-keeper and accountant, 18l.

153 Faught, Richard, teacher, clerk of the parish of St. James's and vestry clerk, 18l.

„ Faught, Wm. sexton of St. James's

154 Guy, Mr. Laurence 9l.

155 Darcy, William, slater, 4l. 10s.

156 Tenements, 10l. 10s.

157 Farrell, John, classical tutor, 11l.

158 Tenements, 10l.

159 Cole, William, law clerk, 11l.

160 Tenements, 11l.

161 Moore, Cath. tanner and leather merchants, 27l.

„ Moore, Peter, leather merchant

„ Moore, A. T. leather merchant

162 Sheridan, Walter, grocer & spirit dealer, 12l.

163 L'Estrange, Ts.& Jos. tanners, 20l.

„ Doughney, William, salesmaster

164 to 166 Tenements, 13l., 13l., 12l.

167 Davis, Mr. William—office, Four Courts Marshalsea, 12l.

168 Russell, John, slater, 8l.

169 Healy, Mr. Bernard, 12l.

170 Tenements, 12l.

171 Maguire, Thomas, clerk, 12l.

here Parkview intersects

172 Troy, Laurence, prov. dealer, 12l.

here Parkview-court intersects

173 Doyle, Peter, machinist, 12l.

174 Reilly, Jno. vintner, millwright, 12l.

175 Wiber, John Cook, 13l.

176 Crimean House, 22l.

177 Doyle, Mr. Matthew, 8l. 10s.

177½ Kenny, Mr. James, 8l. 10s.

178 Crosbie & Son, army clothiers, 15l.

179 Kenny, Mr. James, 9l.

180 Warham, Mr. John, 15l.

181 Tenements, 12l.

182 Building ground, 1l.

183 St. James's Parochial Sunday Schools

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