SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Stephen's-green, E. to Ely-place.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Harrison, Mrs. 90l.

2 Wilson, Miss, 44l.

3 Bacon, Miss, 42l.

„ Bacon, Matthew D. esq.

4 Berry, Thomas, esq. 65l.

5 Sausse, The Misses, 56l.

6 School for collegiate and general education—Wm. Heazle, m.a. ex-SCH. t.c.d. and Wm. Mortimer, m.a. first gold medallist in mathematics and physics, principals, 68l.

7 Graves, Major-General, 56l.

8 Wilson, Moses, fur. lodging-ho. 52l.

here Ely-place intersects

9 Thompson, George Wm., sol. & land agent, & Rockfield, Killinkere, Virginia, 48l.

10 Murray, Frederick Wm. dentist—res. 7 Clarinda-ter. Kingstown, 55l.

11 Gordon, Samuel, m.d. surgeon, 56l.

12 Moore, Josh. Scott, esq. j.p. The Manor, Kilbride, 56l.

„ Moore, Joseph Fletcher, barrister

13 Hatchell, George W. m.d. f.r.c.s.i. inspector-general of lunatic asylums, and Lunacy Office, Dublin Castle, 85l.

14 Kirkpatrick, Fredk. m.b.f.r.c.i. 85l.

15 Dignam, Fras. prof. of music, 32l.

16 Butler, Jn. Stirling, architect, 38l.

17 Ball, Messrs. Jn. & Chas. sols. 32l.

„ Ball, John, a.m. sol. to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland—res. 20 Hatch street

„ Ball, Chas. solicitor—res. 12 Upper Leeson-street

18 Sibthorpe, Hen. Jas. m.d. m.r.c.s.e. l.k. and q.c.p. 36l.

19 Hoffmann, Fras. prof. of music, 35l.

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