SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Michael's-hill to Corn-market.

P. St. Michael, 1 to 13 and 36 to 56. P. St. Audoen, 14 to 35. Merchants'-quay W.—City.

St. Michael's Church—Rev. William C. Green, a.m. prebendary

here Michael's-lane intersects

1 Sherry, C. feather & flock dlr. 22l.

2 Reed, Thomas, rope, twine, hemp, and flax manufacturer; factory, Tenters, Cork-street, 28l.

3 Monahan, Jno. provision merch. 42l.

4 & 6 Richardson, R. & J. chandlers, 20l.

5 Gerrard, Patrick, coachmaker, 18l.

6 Richardson, R. & J. chandlers, 18l.

7 Keogh, J. leather dealer, 21l.

8 Redmond, Anne, provision deal. 21l.

here Jones's-court intersects

9 Vacant, 25l.

10 M'Weeney, Edw. merch. tailor, 30l.

11 M'Ardle, Mrs. 13l.

12 Withers, Joseph, leather seller 20l.

13 Fegan, Wm. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 20l.

„ Fegan's Commercial hotel

here Schoolhouse-lane intersects

14 & 15 Egan, Clare, & James, wholesale woollen, linen, and cotton warehouse, 32l., 30l.

St. Audoen's R. Catholic Chapel—Rev. Patrick Mooney, p.p.; Rev. James Corr; Rev. M. Doyle; Rev. Mat. Lynch; Rev. Christopher Nolan; Rev. Francis O'Neill

16 Vickers, John, leather dealer, 25l.

17 and 18 Stewart and Co. leather dealers, 35l., 28l.

19 D'Arcy, J. brush manufacturer, 30l.

20 Spillane, Catherine, tobacconist, 28l.

21 Doyle, John, wholesale shoe finding, trimming, last, and boot-tree warehouse, 36l.

22 Clarke, William, and Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 28l.

23 & 24 Moore, P. and A. T. wholesale leather merchants & factors, 38l.

St. Audoen's Church—Rev. Alex. Leeper, prebendary

here Corn-market intersects

25 Clarke, Michl. leather mercht. and l M'Carthy's Buildings, Cabra-r. 22l.

26 Donohoe, William, dairy, 19l.

27 Tenements, 19l.

28 Richardson, John, jeweller, 20l.

29 Dill, Benj. vestry clerk of St. Audoen's, refreshment shop, 18l.

30 Lawlor, Thomas, hairdresser, 21l.

31 Denny, Julia, millinery, hosiery, and baby-linen warehouse, 16l.

32 Hartnett, Chas. wholesale millinery, stay, cloth cap, & shirt wareho. 18l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—Chas. Hartnett, receiver

33 Chamberlaine, Mw. H. wholesale tea, wine, & spirit merchant, and 24 Back-lane, 45l.

34 Harnett, Mrs. stay maker, 20l.

35 Malone, Mrs. D. provision dlr. 38l.

36 Hanly, Patk. coach maker, 30l.

37 Tenements, 20l.

38 Whelan, James and Patrick, architects and builders, 32l.

39 Monford, Mrs. draper, 15l.

40, 41, 42, & 43, Dennehy, Cornelius, rectifying distiller, wholesale tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and 26 Mulgrave-mall, Kingstown, 70l.

44 Tenements, 15l.

45 Carroll, Jas. boot & shoe wareho. 22l.

46 O'Reilly, James, cooperage, 26l.

47 Vacant, 18l.

48 O'Neill, Mrs. milliner, 27l.

49 Wilby, William, currier

50 O'Neill, James, bootmaker, 29l.

51 Ennis, James, tailor and draper, 14l.

52 Allen, Richard, woollen draper and clothier, and 28 Sackville-st. lr.—res. Brooklawn, Blackrock, 70l.

here Angel-court intersects

53 The 2nd District Dispensary of the South Dublin Union, resident officer, Patrick O'Farrell, a.b.

here Angel-alley intersects

54 and 55 Gilcreest, George, merchant tailor and woollen draper, 40l.

56 Greenhill, Robt. leather factor, 45l.

57 Vacant, 30l.

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