SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Frederick-st. N. to Hardwicke-pl.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Irwin, Samuel, coal factor, 26l.

2 Heron, Miss, 24l.

3 Gilligan, Daniel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 22l.

„ Gilligan, Mrs. court dressmaker

4 Molloy, Mrs. 24l.

here Frederick-court intersects

5 Magrath, Mrs. 19l.

6 Maziere, Marcus Samuel, esq. 27l.

7 Moller, Andrew George, esq. 24l.

8 Vacant, 23l.

9 Kildahl, James, a.m., t.c.d. sol. and proctor, regist. of marriages, dist. of Dublin, north, agt. for London and Yorkshire Assurance Co. 26l.

„ Kildahl, James, jun. esq.

10 Taylor, Mrs. 28l.

11 Vacant

12 Swanzy, John, solicitor, 33l.

13 Vacant, 33l.

14 Duncan, Mrs. 31l.

15 Linde, John Hill, solicitor, 31l.

16 Morrin, Thomas Peter, sol. 34l.

17 Phepoe, Mrs. Mary, 32l.

18 Donnellan, John R. esq. g.p.o. 23l.

19 Pontet, Desire, prof. of French, 26l.

20 Frazer, William, esq. 26l.

21 Blake, Dominick E. solicitor, 26l.

„ Blake, T. F. esq.

„ Hayden, Mrs. Rebecca

22 Farris, Miss, 26l.

„ Percy, Miss

23 Jordon, Mr. Thomas, clerk, 21l.

24 Magill, John, solicitor, crown prosecutor for county Mayo, 24l.

„ Costello, E. W. barrister

„ Hayden, John, solicitor, and Londonderry

25 Lynch, David, esq. 20l.

„ Lynch, D. Charles, esq.

26 Chambers, The Misses, 23l.

27 Long, Miss C. draper, 26l.

here Hardwicke-place intersects

28 Moran, John, solicitor, 28l.

29 Twible, Rev. William, 29l.

here Hardwicke-lane intersects

30 Stafford, Mrs. 31l.

31 Armstrong, Miss, 33l.

32 Coyle, Mrs. Catherine, 28l.

33 Lenehan, Mrs. 27l.

34 Dix, Edw. Spencer, barrister, 28l.

35 White, J. J. barrister, 27l.

36 Godfrey, Miss J. S. 28l.

„ Fleming, John, sol. and Longford

„ Fleming, Thomas S. solicitor

37 Phillips, Chas. Fred. prof. of music, organist of St. Mary's Church, 27l.

38 M'Mahon, Miss Jane, 26l.

Wesleyan Normal Institution—James Corrigan, a.b., t.c.d. headmaster; John W. Pitchford, t.c.d. teacher of model school; Miss M. H. Congdon, teacher of infant school.

39 Corrigan, J. a.b., t.c.d. headmaster of Wesleyan Normal Institu. 22l.

40 Lyons, Mrs. 20l.

41 Lyons, Miss, 26l.

42 White, Joseph William, sol. 28l.

43 Duffy, Edward M. esq. 26l.

here Hardwicke-lane intersects

44 Doyle, Mr. Edward, 23l.

45 Bergin, John, esq. 22l.

46 D'Arcy, Miss, 19l.

47 Stocking, Mrs. 20l.

48 Atkinson, Mr. H. commiss. agt. 22l.

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