SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dorset-st. Up. to Temple-st. Up.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Kelly, Thomas, esq. 24l.

„ Magrath, Charles James, solicitor

2 Lowry, Miss Hester, 31l.

„ Lowry, John, esq.

„ Lowry, Armar, esq.

3 Vacant, 34l.

4 Smyth, John, esq. 34l.

„ Smyth, John, jun. artist

5 M'Dermott, Wm. C. barrister, 36l.

6 and 7 Cantwell, The Misses, private seminary, 40l., 28l.

here Hardwicke-street intersects

8 Lyster, Miss Julia, 30l.

9 Vacant, 30l.

10 Irvine, James, esq. 33l.

11 Roche, Jordan, esq. 33l.

„ Falloon, Wm. Harris, barrister

12 Aikin, Elijah, a.b. t.c.d. master of collegiate academy, 31l.

„ M'Donough, Matthew, solicitor

here Temple-street, Upper, intersects

13 Nugent, Miss, 31l.

14 Devitt, Henry, barrister, 31l.

14 (15£) Vacant, 31l.

here George'-place intersects

St. George's Church—Rev. R. Barton, rector

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