SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Cuffe-street to Harcourt-road.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 14 Mansion-house W. 15 to 97 Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Flinn, Jane Grace, stationer and stamp seller, 30l.

„ Boles, Wm. m.d. surg. l.k.q.c.p.l.m. and Leinster-terrace, Kingstown

Aerated Bread Co.

2 Houghton, Mrs. bookbinder, stationer, and circulating library, French cloak and dress warerooms, 17l.

3 Moyers, Geo. a.b. t.c.d. civil engineer, architect, and surveyor, 37l.

4 Short, William, esq. 35l.

„ Short, Augustine, esq.

5 Howard, Ellen, silk dyer, 26l.

„ Doyle, James, solicitor

6 De Burgh, R. B. principal of a military academy, 16l.

7 Ledwich, Mrs. T. Hawksworth, 16l.

„ Ledwich, Edwd. f.r.c.s.i., l.k.q.c.p. and surgeon to Mercer's Hospital

8 Bigger, Saml. Lennox L. m.d., t.c.d. and f.r.c.s.i. 78l.

9 Cavanagh and O'Hagan, sols. 80l.

„ Cavanagh, Charles, esq. and St. John's, Blackrock

„ O'Hagan, Arthur, solicitor

10 Grogan, Sir Edwd. Bt. M.P. bar. 70l.

11 Carroll, Wm. Hales, sol. & land agt.—office, 25 S. Frederick-street, 68l.

12 Coxe, Bond, barrister, and Temple-lodge, Dalkey, and 4 Stone Building's, Lincolns Inn, London, 57l.

13 Brereton, Joshua, solicitor, and Monte Vista, Dalkey; chambers, 23 Dominick-street, lower, 60l.

14 Ringland, John, m.d. senior Master of the Coombe Lying-in Hospl. 54l.

here Montague-street intersects

15 Sherlock, David, barrister, q.c. and Stillorgan Castle, 78l.

16 and 17 St. Lawrence O'Toole's sem. —Rev. J. Quinn, d.d. pres. 165l.

„ Quinn, Very Rev. Matliew, d.d. pres.

„ Dunne, Rev. Robert, professor

18 Jones, Theophilus, q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Down, 68l.

„ Jones, Rear-Admiral Theobald

„ Atkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth

19 Longfield, William, esq. 68l.

„ Longfield, John, civil engineer

20 Power, Sir James, bart. j.p. and Roebuck House, 75l.

21 Mockler, Mrs. and Springmount, Rathfarnham, 75l.

22 Sutton, Frederick, solicitor, 70l.

23 Whitshed, St. Vincent, late capt. Coldstream Guards, 70l.

24 Caldbeck, Wm. F. archt. and civil engineer, f.r.i.a.i. and architect to the National Bank, and consul for Uruguay, Monte Video—res. The Hill, Monkstown, 70l.

25 Carson, Edward Henry, civil engineer & architect, f.r.i.a.i. 63l.

26 Rosenthal, Henry, merchant, and 23 Nassau-street, 63l.

27 Smyth, Richard, esq. j.p. 65l.

28 Collins, Ts. m.d. & 48 William st. 40l.

here Camden-place intersects

29 Halahan, Henry S. l.r.c.s.i. and accoucheur, and assistant physician, Rotundo Hospital, 40l.

„ Halahan, Rev. Hickman Rose, rector of St. Nicholas, Without, and Mountpleasant avenue, upper

„ Ormsby, Rev. Edwin Sandys, and Loughmore Glebe, co. Tipperary

„ Hamilton, Rev. Hugh

30 Hayden, Thos. m.d. surgeon, physician, and accoucheur, 50l.

31 Flynn, Hy. pianoforte importer, 50l.

„ Flynn, Rev. Edward H. assistant chaplain to the Mariner's Church

32 M'Farland, Mrs. Maria, 50l.

„ Bairnes, Joseph, barrister

33 Duke, Valentine, m.d. surgeon and physician, 60l.

34 Rosenthal, J. D. sol. & 4 Essex-b. 50l.

35 White, T. esq. 50l.

36 Cossart, Mrs. William, 52l.

37 Wood, Isabella, boarding and day school, 52l.

38 Brady, Jas. m.d. & accoucheur, 52l.

39 Barber, John, esq. 52l.

40 Pakenham, the Hon. and Very Rev. Henry, Dean of St. Patrick's and Christchurch cathedral, 150l.

Dublin, Wicklow, & Wexford Terminus—Mortimer Harris, esq. traffic manag.

58 Millard, Thomas, builder,

„ Millard, Mrs. engraver on wood

here Harcourt-road intersects

59 Wybrants, George S. solicitor, 40l.

60 Coates, Charles, barrister, 44l.

61 Burne, John C. architect & c.e. 44l.

62 Hall, Thomas, & Son, builders and timber merchants, yard, &c.

63 Hall, Thos. & Son, timber merchts.

64 Hughes, Edward Trevor, solicitor, registrar to Hon. Baron Hughes

65 to 67 Vacant

68 Jameson, Wm. m.d., f.r.c.s.i. surg. to Mercer's hospital and examiner in midwifery to the r.c.s.i. 72l.

„ Jameson, Wm. solicitor, a.m., t.c.d.

69 Burroughs, Edw. Hartson, q.c. 70l.

70 Johnson, Wm. Trench, barrister, 80l.

„ Johnson, Evans, Venerable Archdeacon of Ferns

71 Purcell, Theob. And. barrister, 84l.

72 Roche, William, j.p. clerk of the Crown and Peace, city of Limerick, and Limerick, 80l.

73 Incorporated Society for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland—Rev. W. Hackett, sec. 80l.

„ Pidgeon, Wm. esq. j.p. and Athlone

74 Stanley, Hugh B. a.m. t.c.d. sol. 80l.

75 Toomey, Mark Anthony, sol. to the Wicklow Grand Jury, & Corporation of the town of Wicklow, 80l.

76 Vacant, 55l.

77 Scallan, J. J. m.d. surgeon, 55l.

78 Hone, Nathaniel, esq. j.p. and St. Dolough's, 80l.

79 Moylan, Right Hon. Denis, Lord Mayor, 90l.

80 Tench, Gerald, esq. j.p. and Ballinascorney House, Brittas, 90l.

81 Norrie, Mrs. 90l.

82 Humphrys, George, m.d. physician, surgeon, & gen. medical practr. 92l.

83 Tatlow, William, solicitor and land agent, Lismore lodge, Crossdoney, co. Cavan, 92l.

„ Tatlow, John Garnett, land agent, and The Lodge, Legalaw, & Crossdoney, co. Cavan

84 Osborne, Robt. Wm. barrister 90l.

„ Peter, Miss

85 Stannus, Hon. Lady, 90l.

86 Joly, Charles, esq. and Dalgin park, co. Mayo, 90l.

„ Joly, Henry E. solicitor

87 and 88 Rice, Rev. James, a.m. principal and sole proprietor of the academic institute, 180l.

89 Walsh, Albert J. m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 52l.

„ Walsh, John, esq.

„ Walsh, Henry Thomas, esq.

90 Watson, Hen. & Jn. solicitors, 66l.

„ Watson, John Walker, solicitor

„ Watson, Henry, solicitor

91 Pierce, John, esq. 47l.

92 Vacant, 48l.

93 Croly, Dr. Henry Gray, l.r.c.s.i. demonstrator of anatomy, Royal College of Surgeons, 25l.

94 Dunne, John, professor of music, stipendiary of Christ's Church Cathedral, 23l.

95 Power, Jn. Hatch, m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 33l.

96 Healy, Wm. m.b. t.c.d. f.r.c.s.i. med. officer to No. 3 dispensary, south city, and surgeon to the Irish National Eye Infirmary, Cuffe-street, 30l.

97 Rorke, Daniel, esq. 30l.

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