Hanover-street, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Creighton-street to Cardiff's-lane.

P. St. Mark.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Casey, J. E. corn factor, 16l.

2 and 3 White, John, maltster, 62l.

4 Leary, Thomas, slate, slab, and cistern manufacturer, and No. 11 Windmill-lane, 9l.

5 Ryan, Denis, builder, 9l.

6 Connell, John, yard, 10l.

7 Vacant, 40l.

here Lime-street intersects

8 Doorley, M. prov. dlr. & grocer, 10l.

9 to 15 Tenements, 6l. to 8l.

here Lime-street intersects

16 to 27 Tenements

Store yard of the Paving Corporation—James Fleming, storekeeper

28, 29, and 30 Cottages in tenemts. 5l.5s.

31 and 32 Tenements, 6l., 15l.

„ Lynch, James, & Co. slate, brick, & tile mers.—stores, Eden gar. 6l.

here Hanover-parade intersects

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