SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mary's-lane to King-street, North.

P. St. Michan.—Inns-quay W.—City.

here Egg-market & Potato-mkt. intersect.

1 Richardson, Mrs. Allen, deputy superintendent of the Mountjoy Female Prison

Civil Bill, or Recorder's Court—Right Hon. Frederick Shaw, ll.d. recorder; Hugh Irwin, registrar, 58 Eccles-street

Lord Mayor's Court

here King-street, North, intersects

2 Stables, 3l.

3 Temperance Hall—John J. Dodd, 10l.

4 M'Kenzie, Robert, house smith and metallic bedstead manuf. 10l.

5 Bryan, Michael, potato factor, 16l.

6 Courtney, Fenton, corn, hay, and potato factor, 15l.

7 to 9 Tenements, 12l. 10s. to 16l.

10 O'Reilly, Bros. poultry salesmen, 30l.

11 Tenements, 10l.

here Balls-lane intersects

12 and 13 Tenements, 6l., 17l.

St. Michan's R. Catholic Chapel

14 and 15 Presbytery, 25l.

Hamilton, Very Rev. Archdeacon, d.d. p.p. & 52 Mountjoy-square

M'Mahon, Rev. James, c.c.

O'Connell, Rev. Edward, c.c.

Bell, Rev. F. J. c.c.

Beardwood, Rev. H. c.c.

M'Cann, Rev. Joseph C. c.c.

Kirwan, Rev. P. d.d.

16 Egan, Michael, grocer, 15l.

17 Carton, Denis, poultry factor, 26l.

here Cuckoo-lane intersects

18 Fleet, Mrs. Anne, poultry dealer, 9l.

19 Gogarty, Matt. poultry dealer, 16l.

20 Tenements, 9l.

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