SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Baggot-st. Up. to Beggar's bush-rd.

P. St. Peter.

Beyond Municipal Boundary.

1 M'Dermott, Pat. house painter, 13l.

2 Brady, Christopher, grocer, 23l.

3 Johnston, Thos. boot maker, 11l.

4 Tenements

Haddington Lodge—Mr. Fs. Connolly

here Connor's-court and Webster's-place intersect.

Webster Place (1 to 7)

1 Lee, Mrs.

2 Hampton, Thomas, c.e.

3 O'Neill, Mrs.

4 & 5 Browne, Mrs. sextoness of St. Stephen's church

6 Shea, Rev. Thomas

7 Davin, Mr. James

8 Carroll, Miss Anne C. boarding-school, 30l.

9 Buck, Henry, civil engineer, 30l.

10 Protestant Orphan Refuge

1 Jackson, William, esq. 38l.

2 Homan, Mrs. Maria, 38l.

3 Cockburne, Gilbert, civ. engineer, 38l.

4A Thorpe, Mrs. Ann

4 Halpen, John Disney, esq. 38l.

5 Tisdall, Rev. Charles Edward, d.d. curate of St. Andrews, 37l.

*6 Dysart, Thomas, esq. officer of customs, 37l.

7 Nowlan, William, esq. 26l.

8 Kirk, Joseph R. r.h.a. a.b. t.c.d.—sculptor's studio, 22 Jervis-st. 26l.

9 Scott, Mrs. 30l.

10 Fosbery, Mrs. 32l.

11 Dillon, John, esq. 25l.

12 Bevan, Mrs. 24l.

13 Pritchard, Mrs. 22l.

here Stable-lane intersects

14 Baldwin, Mrs. 24l.

15 Fitzgerald, Miss Barbara, 24l.

16 Evans, William Cooke, esq. 27l.

„ Evans, Frederick A. esq.

17 Braddell, Mrs. 24l.

here Northumberland-road, Cranmer-pl. and Beggar's bush-road intersect.

Beggar's Bush Infantry Barracks—Maj. W. B. Frizell, barck.-master, Portobello barracks; Thos. Walsh, vintner, canteen keeper; John Cochrane, barrack sergeant

1 Farrell, Robert, dairy, 20l.

2 Byrne, Garrett, provision dealer

3 Kenny, George, grocer, 15l. 10s.

„ Ashdon, Mrs. Jane, bonnet maker

4 O'Brien, Mr. Bernard, 13l.

here Fleming's-lane and Northumberland-road intersect.

here De Grey-terrace and Haddington-place intersect.

Lieut.-Col. Jn. Wegg, half-pay, 42nd regt. Haddington cottage 30l.

1 Lowry, John, esq. 20l.

2 Collington, Mrs. 20l.

3 Rudkin, William H. esq. inspector of Erasmus Smith's schools, 34l.

4 Daly, Mr. Edward, 17l.

5 FitzGerald, Miles, esq. 20l.

*6 St. Leger, Anthony, esq. 36l.

7 Smith, Rev. Richard F. 36l.

8 Woods, William, esq. Woodville

9 Woods, Robt. Fras. Inland Rev.

St. Mary's Rom. Catholic Church

Rev. Canon O'Connell, d.d. p.p.

Rev. Patrick Smith, c.c.

Rev. M. A. Mullally, c.c.

Rev. Joseph Hickey, c.c.

Rev. D. P. Mulcahy, c.c.

Rev. Thomas Leahy, c.c.

Rev. Patrick Nowlan, c.c.

Rev. Michael Doyle, c.c.

Rev. M. O'Donohoe, c.c.

here House-terrace, Haddington-terrace, and Eastmoreland-lane intersect.

1 Hogan, Michl. groc. & spirit mer. 25l.

2 Reddy, Patrick, dairy, 8l.

3 Walsh, Christr. hairdresser, 8l.

4 & 5 Hickey, Mary, prov. stores, 4l. 10s.

6 Cooling, Darby, provision dlr. 16l.

7 Kelly, James, prov. dealer, 11l.10s.

„ Brett, Thomas, brick and flag mercht., Portobello & Broadstone

8 Cullen, Patk. provision dealer, 13l.

9 M'Auley, P. purveyor, 25l.

10 Higginson, Samuel, prov. dlr. 24l.

11 Leonard, Mr. David, 17l. 10s.

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