SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Sackville-street, Upper, to Marlborough-street.

P. St. Thomas.—Mountjoy W.—City.

3 Keating, Margt. boarding and lodging house, 15l.

4 to 7 Tenements, 13l., 14l., 14l.

here Thomas's-lane and Marlborough-street intersect.

8 Tenements, 13l.

9 Nichols, James, broker, 20l.

9½ Maher, James, vintner, 12l.

here Strong's-court intersects

10 Donegan, Michael, hairdresser, 12l.

„ Kavanagh, Charles, car owner, 5l.

11 M'Evoy, James, prov. dealer, 16l.

12 Hyland, Mrs. stables—office, 11 Elephant lane, 30l.

13 Ward and Smith, tailors, 14l.

here Valkenburgh-court intersects

14 Delany, Patrick, dairy, 8l.

here Coffey's-court intersects

15 Hoey, Peter, vintner, 23l.

16 Stack, P. saddler, 10l.

17 M'Loughlin, Patk. eating ho. 16l.

18 Donnelly, Andw. provision deal. 14l.

here White's-lane intersects

19 Bruton, Thomas, tailor, 8l. 10s.

20 Finamore, S. marine stores, 9l.

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