Gloucester-st. North, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Marlborough-street to Gardiner-street, Lower.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 21 North Dock W. 22 to 45 Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Siree, John H. esq. 30l.

2 Robinson, Mrs. Mary, 24l.

3 Fitzgerald, Miss E. ladies' sem. 33l.

4 Walsh, Thos. sol. & Kilmallock, 37l.

„ Bunton, Timothy, sol. and Ennis

„ Fitzgibbon, Ml. sol. & Mitchelstown

„ Purcel, Bryan, solr. and Kilrush

„ O'Meara, Val. sol. & Templemore

„ Ryan, John, solr. and Charleville

5 Coates, Abraham, solicitor, 38l.

6 Cooper, Mrs. Eliza, board and lodging house, 42l.

7 Salaman, Maurice, jeweller, 42l.

8 Reeves, Thomas Wiglesworth, sol. and St. Helen's, Finglas, 38l.

„ Fair, Mrs.

9 Tincler, Francis Green, solicitor and proctor—res. Brightonvale, Salthill, Monkstown, 38l.

10 Armstrong, Conway, merchant, 55l.

11 Hamilton, M. esq. 27l.

here North Cumberland-street, Lower, intersects.

12 Croft, William, laundry, 36l.

13 Mayne, Robert, esq. m.d. & surg. 50l.

14 Taaffe, Philip, esq. j.p. and Woodfield, Killkelly, Swinford, county Mayo, 50l.

15 M'Mahon, Aquila, solicitor 48l.

16 Jones, Richd. G. solicitor, 50l.

„ Fair, Jas. W. solicitor, & Athlone

„ Stott, Thos. sol. and Ballymoney

17 Clarke, John Joseph, solicitor, 43l.

18 Bourke, Walter, barrister, q.c. 43l.

19 Lambert, Charles, esq. late g.p.o. 50l.

„ Lambert, Chas. Edw. c.e. architect and surveyor

20 Russell, The Misses, board. schl. 40l.

21 Sullivan, D. T. collegiate and commercial academy, 43l.

here Gardiner-street, Lower, intersects

22 Nangle, J. H. esq. j.p. 44l.

23 Courtenay & Burke, solicitors, 46l.

„ Courtenay, Robert, esq.

„ Burke, James, solicitor

„ Courtenay, William, esq. and Woodmount, Arklow

„ Burke, Thomas, solicitor

„ Courtenay, Rev. Geo. F. M.A. B.A. f.t.c.d.

„ Courtenay, Robert, jun. solicitor, and 22 Ranelagh-road

24 O'Reardon, John, m.d. 45l.

25 Glennon, William, esq. 26l.

26 O'Beirne, Henry, sol. & Athlone, 40l.

27 Thorp, George, esq. 35l.

28 Tierney, Francis, solicitor, and Bagnalstown, 26l.

29 Scott, Ralph, sol. & Manor, Highgate, Clones, 53l.

„ Scott, Richard, solicitor, & Scottsborough, Clones

30 Phipps, Mrs. D. J. 40l.

„ Phipps, Rev. William

„ Phipps, R. B. esq.

31 Johnston, James A. commission agent and merchant, 31l.

32 Shegog, Mr. J. g.p.o. 27l.

here Cumberland-st. North, Up. intersects.

33 Davidge, G. M. doctor, 27l.

34 Collison, William, H. m.d. 40l.

35 M'Mahon, John, solicitor, clerk of Crown, county Wicklow, 42l.

„ M'Mahon, Rev. John Henry

36 Cathrew, Graves, barrister, 42l.

37 Reilly, John Nugent, esq. 42l.

38 Armstrong, William, q.c. chairman of the city & co. Londonderry, 46l.

39 Macartney, Clotworthy, solicitor, and clerk of the Crown for the co. of Down, 40l.

40 Dowling, Mrs. E. 33l.

41 Sweet, Mrs. Priscilla, 36l.

42 Plunket, Mrs. J. 28l.

43 Coall, Henry, esq. 24l.

44 Stedman, Jno. stucco plasterer, 22l.

45 Bennett, S. house painter, 30l.

„ Dee, John J. registry office

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