Gloucester-st. North, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner-st. Lr. to North-strand.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 55 Mountjoy W. 56 to 162 North Dock W.—City.

1 Lewis, H. literary and general auctioneer, & 31 Anglesea-street, 26l.

2 Vacant, 38l.

3 Olliffe, Benjamin, esq. 41l.

„ Olliffe, Samuel F. wine merchant, agent for Deltour, Brothers, of Bordeaux, proprietors & distillers of brandy, and Charles Moulin of Paris, paper manufacturer, and wholesale agent for all kinds of church ornaments

4 Wilson, Thomas C. esq. 47l.

5 Anster, John, ll.d. barrister, regius professor of civil law, t.c.d. 48l.

6 Delmege & Ferguson, solicitors, and Rathkeale, co. Limerick 50l.

„ Delmege, Julias, solicitor

„ Ferguson, David, sol. & Rathkeale, co. Limerick

„ Darcy, Nicholas Conyers, sol. and Newcastle, co. Limerick

7 Kavanagh, John P. solicitor, 40l.

„ Jacob, Thos. sessional Crown solr. for Queen's co. and Thornbury, Abbeyleix

8 Cash, George R. esq. 47l.

„ Brabazon, Captain

9 Duignan, Mr. Jerome, 40l.

10 Champion, F. M. esq. 31l.

11 Crawford, Mr. Joseph Kincaid, 17l.

here Gloucester-place, North, intersects

12 Smith, Mrs. 18l.

„ Smith, Mr. Thomas

13 Blood, Mrs. Charlotte, 21l.

14 Griffin, Michael, esq. 20l.

15 Mercer, Robert, solicitor, 21l.

„ Mercer, Captain D.

16 Griffin, William, solicitor, 21l.

17 Byrne, John, esq. 21l.

18 Hinds, the Misses, 21l.

19 Newman, Edward, inspector of public works for the Corporation of Dublin, 20l.

20 Brown, John Montgomery, upholsterer, 19l.

21 Littlejohn, Wm, electrotypist, and 7 St. Andrew's lane 19l.

22 Hall, John, esq. and 20 Eustace st. 28l.

„ Frazer, John, barrister

23 Guy, George, esq. 25l.

24 Dunn, Miss, 28l.

here Kane's-court intersects

25 Byrne, Mrs. Harriet, 26l.

26 Rogers, Sanders, esq. 27l.

27 Healy, Oliver T. architect, 26l.

28 M'Millen, Rev. Gibson, Wesleyan minister, 26l.

29 Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 26l.

30 Wilson, Mrs. Margaret, 26l.

31 Davison, Mrs. Elizabeth, 30l.

32 O'Leary, Mr. Michael, 27l.

33 Barnett, James Hogg, esq. 27l.

34 Irwin, Mrs. 27l.

35 Carpenters' Asylum

36 Robertson, Mrs. Jane, 25l.

37 Hughes, William, bootmaker, 24l.

38 Weir, Mrs. Hannah, 21l.

39 Mathews, John II. esq. 24l.

here Rutland-street, Lower, intersects

40 Sunday and Daily Female School—Miss Walshe, mistress

41 Building ground

here Terrace-place intersects

42 Duncan, John, silk mercer, woollen and linen draper, 22l.

43 M'Naghten, George Wm. esq. 22l.

44 Crawley, Mr. William, 22l.

„ Crawley, Mrs.

here Gloucester-terrace intersects

45 Moore, Brothers, railway contractors 30l.

„ Dalton, Patrick, manager of works

46 Waddell, Alexander, esq. 28l.

47 Kennedy, James Marinus, esq. 28l.

48 Fisher, N. G. com. merchant, 28l.

49 Goodisson, Mrs. 28l.

50 Glover, Dr. Joseph, 30l.

51 Glenton, J. commission agent, 21l.

52 Brindley, Mr. John, 21l.

53 Rind, Mrs. Frances, 21l.

54 Teeling, John, esq. 23l.

55 Kennedy, George, general contractor and builder, 9l.

here Buckingham-st. up. & low. intersect.

56 to 74 Building ground

75 Fallon, Patrick, esq.

76 to 99 Building ground

100 Dunn, Mathew, smith

101 to 120 Building ground

121 Griffin, Mrs. Anne

122 Hazlewood, Mrs. 20l.

123 L'Estrange, Miss Maryanne, 20l.

124 Dawson, Mrs, 20l.

Presbyterian Meeting-house—Rev. William Wilson and Rev. James Edgar, ministers

125 Building ground

126 Phelan, John, prov. dealer, 10l.

here Brewery-yard intersects

127 to 130 Tenements, 3l. to 9l.

131 Flood, Michael, & Co. brick manuf. and farmer, lime and sand stores, St. Dolough's and Fox and Geese, county Dublin, 12l.

132 Farrell, Terence, sculptor, professor, r.h.a. 23l.

„ Farrell, James, sculptor

133 Lynch, Mrs. Anne, 23l.

134 Ferris, Mrs. Sophie, 23l.

135 Irwin, William F. land surveyor, civil engineer, and measurer, 23l.

136 Vacant, 22l.

137 Farrell, Patk. carp. & builder, 5l.

138 to 140 Building ground

here Mulgrave-place intersects

141 Magrane, Joseph, dairy, 6l.

142 Drew, Miss, 25l.

143 Parke, Mr. Frederick, 25l.

144 Jackson, Mr. Wm. Henry, g.p.o. 25l.

„ Jackson, Mr. Lewis, g.p.o.

145 Richardson, John, esq. 28l.

„ Archdall, Rev. Mervyn, assistant minister, Trinity Church

146 Barclay, Edward, Brevet Major, Army, 27l.

„ Barclay, Rev. Joseph Henry

147 Geason, Samuel, esq. 24l.

148 M'Loughlin, Joseph E. t.c.d. classical and commer. academy, 23l.

149 Burbie, John, teacher, 22l.

here Gloucester-place intersects

150 Tenements, 15l.

151 Nutman, Mrs. dressmaker, 15l.

152 Duffy, Thos. inspec. of police, 17l.

153 Nesbitt, William D. esq. 29l.

„ Kisby, R. S. esq.

154 Yard of Messrs. Smith and Sons, express agents, 13l.

155 to 157 Building ground

158 King, Thos. Irwine, wine mercht. office & stores, 49 Lotts, 35l.

159 Booth, Joseph, sol. to the Grand Jury of the co. Louth, and Darver castle, Castlebellingham, 37l.

160 Armstrong, John and James, sols. and Cavan and Belturbet, 33l.

„ Fry, Mrs.

161 Pratt, Anna Maria, board. ho. 32l.

162 O'Loughlin, P. G. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 36l.

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