Georges-street, Great, Sth

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dame-street to Stephen-street, Lr.

P. St. Bride, from 19 to 65. P. St. Andrew, 1 to 18 and 66 to 90.—1 to 18 South City W. 19 to 90 Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Fleming, John, hotel & coffee house, and 29 and 30 Mary's-abbey, and Brook-lawn, Love-lane, 55l.

2 Picker, William, vintner, 52l.

here Dame-lane intersects

3 Long, Francis Patk. victualler, 57l.

4 Breen, Moses, merchant tailor, 47l.

5 Tobin, Mary, confectioner, 48l.

„ Taaffe, Henry, m.d.

„ Taaffe, Patrick Augustus, solicitor

„ Quinn, James, solicitor

6 Walpole, C. boot & shoemaker, 46l.

7 Bennett, Henry, brush manuf. 48l.

8 Farley, Joseph, victualler, and Avon cottage, Mount Merrion av. 48l.

9 Molloy, P. provision stores, 44l.

10 Richardson, Bernard, chandler, 42l.

11 Corish, A. boot & shoe warehouse, and 19 Bolton-street

12 Hug, William, wholesale and retail watch & clock manufacturer, 44l.

13 Stewart, Jameson, confectioner, 27l.

„ Goulding, James, tailor

14 Stewart, Gordon, wholesale confectioner, 30l.

15 Griffith, Rachel D. milliner, 24l.

„ Griffith's genuine tea warehouse

16 King, Mrs. tobacconist, 18l.

17 Duffy, G. fancy bread and biscuit bakery, 15l.

18 Heyfron, Eleanor, prov. dealer, 26l.

here Exchequer-street intersects

19 Byrne, Laurence, vintner, 28l.

20 Keller, Patk. boot & shoemk. 26l.

21 Kearney, Joseph, bookslr. printer, and stationer, 25l.

22 Gogerty, Pet. boot & shoemak. 25l.

23 Summers, John, and Co. bread and biscuit bakers, butter, egg, and cheese merchants, 26l.

24 Martin, E. & L. trimming and baby-linen warehouse, 45l.

25 Kelly, William, victualler, 40l.

26 Purcell, Henry, victualler, 22l.

here Castle-market intersects

27 Heyfron, J. E. provision deal. 28l.

28 Reilly, M. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 39l.

29 Downes, Patrick, victualler, 27l.

here Joseph's-lane intersects

30 Brady, Patrick, fancy baker, 24l.

„ Grant, Jas. bookseller & stationer

31 Deacon, J.Manchester House, shirts, hosiery, gloves, and general outfitting establishment, 26l.

32 Gerty, Henry, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c.

33 Plunket, Mrs. victualler, 30l.

34 Scriber, Jos. watch & clock mkr. 25l.

here Fade-street intersects

35 Finn, John, vintner, 33l.

36 Brougham, J. boot & shoemak. 30l.

37 Caulfield, John, proprtr. of Dublin hotel & dining rooms, and 1 Crown alley, 30l.

38 Brady, John, hatter. 25l.

39 M'Fall & Co. Thomas, drapers, 25l.

here Tinkler's-court intersects

40 Tyndall, Chr. boot & shoe ware. 35l.

„ Grant, Jas. glass and china dealer

41 Malone & Company, tea, coffee, and spice merchant, 40l.

„ Malone, Charles G. merchant, and 51 and 52 Stephen-street—res. Churchtown Park, Dundrum

„ Russell, Henry, jun.—res. Churchtown Park, Dundrum

42 Leary, Robt. boot & shoemaker, 28l.

43 Hutchinson, Robert Deey, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 28l.

44 Lacy, R. boot & shoemaker, 35l.

45 M'Donough, Paul, boot and shoe warehouse, 35l.

46 Lang staff, Isaac, boot and shoe maker, 26l.

here Stephen-street intersects

47 Craig, Mary and Son, wholesale and retail manufacturers & importers of hosiery, gloves, &c. 32l.

„ Craig, Jas. wholesale commission agent, and 58 Stephen-street, up.

here Monks's-court intersects

48 Doyle, P. dairy, 20l.

49 Willock, Paul, confectioner, 27l.

„ Farrell, Wm. baker, & 6 Bride-st.

here George's-avenue intersects

50 Bamford, Elizabeth, stationer, 24l.

„ Mackey, Bernard, fruiterer

51 Parker, Pat. grocer & wine mer. 40l.

52 Whittle, Richd. Italian wareh. 37l.

here Connor's-court intersects

53 Donovan, Thos. provision deal. 28l.

here Fogarty' s-court intersects

54 Doyle, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 38l.

55 Purcell, T. leather dealer, 36l.

56 Jellicoe, John, baker, 13l.

here George'-place intersects

57 and 57½ Shaw, Eliza, draper, 12l.

58 James, Charles, fancy wareho. 15l.

59 Murphy, Timothy, hatter, 20l.

here George's-court intersects

60 M'Cabe, George, dairy, 32l.

„ Walsh, Thomas, provision dealer

61 Behan, John, tallow chandler, 40l.

62 Bates, James, cutler and razor-maker, 20l.

63 Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Bookroom and Stationery warehouse—Jno. White, editor of the Primitive Wesleyan Magazine—res. Clora cottage, Castlewood-avenue, Rathmines, 30l.

Primitive Wesleyan M. Chapel

Methodist Home Missionary Society—George Revington, secretary, residence, 61 Ranelagh-road

„ Lemon, W. R. wholes. confectioner

64 and 65 M'Donald, Adam F. linen draper, silk mercer, haberdasher, milliner, & mantle manuf. 36l., 52l.

66 Redmond, Denis, pawnbroker, and Belmont lodge, Sandford, 60l.

67 Findlater, Alex. and Co. general grocers, tea, wine, & spirit mer. 63l.

68 Dockrell, Thomas, window-glass, colour, room-paper, and builders' ironmongery warehouse, & agent to the Wearmouth Glass Co.—res. 1 Raglan-road, 60l.

69 Allen, C. linen & haberd. wareho. 52l.

70 Lynch, James, tea merchant, 62l.

71 Dooley, Bernd. boot & shoe mak. 40l.

72 Ray, John A. homeopathic and family chemist and druggist, to the Lord Lieutenant, 60l.

73 & 74 Cranny, Patrick, boot & shoe maker to the Lord Lieutenant—res. Muckross Park, Donnybrook, 47l., 48l.

75, 76, 77,78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 86, 87, & 88, Pim, Brothers, & Co. wholesale and retail woollen and linen drapers, hosiers, silk merchants, haberdashers, leather merchs. & poplin manufacturers, 900l.

84 and 85 Shaw, James S. linendraper, hosier, and haberdasher, 144l.

86 & 87 Pim, Brothers, & Co. 60l., 58l.

88 Aerated Bread Co.—Geo. Clibborn, agent, 58l.

89 Keshan, Rody, grocer & wine mer. 63l.

here Dame-lane intersects

90 Traynor, J. & H. brush manuf. and importers—res. Terenure-villa, Kimmage-road, Roundtown, 66l.

„ Traynor, John V.

„ Traynor, Henry J.

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