George's-st. Great, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gt. Denmark-st. to Gt. Britain-st.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Dublin and Meath Railway Office, 68l.

„ Smith, Edward J. solicitor

„ Smith, Edward J. jun. solicitor

„ Byrne, John, sol. and Kilkenny

2 Ordnance Survey Office, 60l.

3 Raymond, George, barrister, 60l.

4 Barlow, Arthur, sol. to the Governors of the Schools founded by the late Erasmus Smith, esq. 58l.

„ Barlow, Arthur, jun. solicitor

5 Barlow, Peter, barrister, 58l.

6 Dobbs, Conway E. barrister, under treasurer, King's-inns, Henrietta-street, 58l.

„ Dobbs, Conway E. jun. barrister

7 Nixon, The Misses, select boarding and day school, 56l.

8 Bourke, Mrs. E. 58l.

„ O'Leary, John, barrister

9 Brereton, William Henry, esq. 58l.

10 M'Neale, Alex. solicitor, 58l.

11 Ferguson, Robert, barrister, 57l.

12 Burke, Edward F. esq. 60l.

13 Maziere, Mrs. 58l.

14 Plunkett, the Misses, 58l.

15 Cosgrave, Mrs. H. 56l.

16 Mayne, Pelham J. solicitor, and Drogheda, 58l.

17 Goddard, Archibald Hawksley, solicitor, master extraordinary and commissioner for taking affidavits in Ireland for the Court of Chancery and law courts, and Court of Probate in England, 65l.

18 Fetherston H., Godfrey, solicitor, and 21 Wellington-quay, 48l.

19 Fitzgibbon, Henry, barrister, 43l.

20 Ferguson, Samuel, q.c. 58l.

21 Hone, Miss, 44l.

here George's-terrace intersects

22 Galton, Mrs. Isabella, 23l.

23 Conservatory of Fisheries, Dublin District office, 21l.

„ O'Brien, Charles, Lusk, secretary to the Phonetic Reporters Society for Ireland, and agent for the Provincial Insurance Co. of Wrexham

„ Brophy, Augustus, Inspector of Fisheries

24 Hall, Mr. William, 21l.

25 Rogers, J. C. scriv. and law agt. 34l.

„ Sullivan, Francis, sol. and Navan

„ Mahaffy, William, solicitor

„ Armstrong, Benjamin, solicitor

26 Caulfield, James Peter, professor of music, and musical academy, 30l.

27 Vacant, 8l.

here Great Britain-street intersects

28 Vacant, 36l.

29 Dargan, P. law agent& scrivener, 33l.

„ Lawder, William, sol. and Carrick-on-Shannon

„ Montgomery, Hugh L. solicitor

„ Palmer, William, sol. and Glasdromen, Leitrim

30 Wallace, Hugh, & Co. solicitors, and Belfast and Downpatrick, 36l.

„ Wallace, William Nevin, sol. and Belfast and Downpatrick

„ Warnock, John, sol. & Downpatrick

31 Macnamara, Rd. sol. and proct. 36l.

„ Blackall, Jonas, solr. and proctor, Limerick

32 Vacant, 35l.

33 West, Henry, j.p. solicitor, 65l.

„ Lane, James, sol. and Cork

„ Noblett & Son, Messrs. sols. & Cork

„ Noblett, Henry Sutton, sol. Cork

„ Harley, John, jun. sol. and Cork

„ O'Halloran, Patrick, sol. and Cork

„ Wall, John, sol. and Waterford

„ Welsh, John, sol. and Cork

„ Meade, John C. sol. and Innishannon, Cork

„ Honner, Joseph, sol. and Clonmel

„ Wherland, William Henry, sol. and Milltown, Kerry

„ Smith, F. C. sol. and Cork

34 The male training establishment of the Commissioners of Nat. Education—D. O'Sullivan, superintendent, 68l.

35 Wynne, Captain, 60l.

36 Box, William, esq. and 105 Middle Abbey-st. 60l.

37 Maxwell, Patrick, solicitor, 56l.

„ Maxwell, Joseph A. esq.

„ Kelly, Peirse, solicitor, & sessional crown solicitor, co. Waterford

38 Vacant, 55l.

39 Moore, William M. solicitor, 58l.

„ Doherty, Edward, solr. and Bandon

„ Macnamara, Michael, solr. & Ennis

„ Russell, Henry, solicitor, & Belfast

„ Crawford, Henry, solr. and Belfast

„ Gamble, John S. sol. and Longford

„ Lockhart, Alex. sol. and Belfast

„ Fleming, Swithin, sol. & Midleton

„ Moore, John, sol. and Midleton

40 Knox, Miss Anne, 58l.

41 Orpen, Richard J. Theodore, sol. to the Clerical Society, the Church Lay Association and Royal Bank of Ireland, & Ardtully, Kenmare, 70l.

„ Orpen, Richard H. M. solicitor

„ Orpen, Chas. W. d'E. barrister

„ Orpen, Arthur Herbert, solicitor

„ Mackay, Hugh B. sol. and Coleraine

„ Sweeny, Jas. sol. one of the sols. of the Royal Bank of Ireland—res. Alma road, Monkstown

„ Stack, Richard, solicitor, & Omagh

„ Bennett, William C. solicitor, and 15 South-mall, Cork

„ Greene, Michael, solr. and Midleton

42 Bruen, Henry, esq. m.p. 70l.

43 & 44 Loretto Female Boarding and Day Schools—superioress, Mrs. Somers; chaplain, Rev. P. Cullinan, 120l., 20l.

45 Lombard, Daniel, esq. 43l.

46 Flood, John, barrister, and Whitehall, co. Kilkenny, 60l.

47 M'Donnell, Thomas, q.c. 55l.

48 Kirkpatrick, Rev. W.B. d.d. minister of the Scots' Church, Capel-st. 57l.

49 Hall, Lindsay, solicitor, 58l.

„ Wright, Joseph, sol. and Monaghan

„ Nunn, Jeremiah, sol. & Monaghan

„ Davidson, C. C. sol. & Dungannon

„ Davidson, Samuel, solicitor, and Dungannon

50 Lunell, Miss, 58l.

51 Madden, Miss Margt. board.-ho. 56l.

„ Bushell, Theobald, stock broker, and Belfast

52 Hall, Mr. H.

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