SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Liffey-street, Lr. to Sackville-street.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

Here the Metal Bridge crosses the Liffey to Crampton and Wellington quays.

1 Oldfield, Walter, vintner, 22l.

2 Nixon, William Charles, portrait painter & restorer of pictures, 28l.

3 Turbett, Robt. and Jas. wine and general merchants, 85l.

4 Meara, Chas. wine merchant, and Cherbury, Booterstown, 65l.

„ Fletcher, John Hartley, solicitor

5 Twigg, Hutton, & Brett, wine mer. and agents to City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. (see advertisement), 75l.

„ Adair, John, bar.—res. 13 Merrion-square, north

„ Wright, W. H. wine merchant and foreign agent, also agent to the Kent Fire and Life Assurance Co.—res. 4 Mespil parade

6 Drought, George, printer, 80l.

„ Murray, Geo. Stanley sol. agent to the Trenalt Tontine and United Kingdom Mutual Annuity Society, and Cullenswood

„ Murray, Geo. S. jun. esq.—res. 21 Charleston-terrace, Rathmines

„ Brassington and Gale, surveyors, valuators, and agents for the purchase and sale of estates, and agents for the sale of Ordnance maps of Ireland

„ Brassington, Chas. P. land surveyor—res. 3 Grosvenor ter. Rathmines

„ Gale, S. surveyor—res. St. Alban's, Rathgar road

„ Shortall, Mich. sol. and Kilkenny

7 Colvill, James C. flour merchant, & agent to the National Insurance Co. of Scotland, 7, 8, and 9 Lotts, and Coolock house, Coolock (see advertisement), 73l.

„ Brownrigg, Wm., Henry, solicitor

8 Young and Groves, auctioneers, and 11 and 12

9 Lawler, Wm. Fred, cabinet maker, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuator, and undertaker, 50l.

10 Smith and M. Blain, wholesale tea, wine, and spirit merchants, and rectifying distillers, 48l.

„ Woods, Thomas, jeweller and commercial agent

11 M'Clean, Mrs. Eliza

„ Murphy, Joseph, solicitor to the Limerick corporation

„ Perry, Jeremh. solicitor, and Greenmount, Dundrum.

„ Carey, Thomas, sol. and Newry

„ Eames, Rbt. sol. and Londonderry

11 and 12 Young & Groves, auctioneers, valuators and undertakers, furniture and upholstery warerooms, and 61 Grafton street, 36l., 90l.

12 Office and stores of John Judkin Butler, marshal of the Record Court—resid. 62 Gardiner-street, upper

13 Barrett, Hill H. wine and general merchant, 52l.

14 Lamprey, Rendell, and Lamprey, plumbers, hydraulic engine manufacturers, and brass founders, 70l.

15 Ramsay, Jas. Wilson, sol. & proctor, agent to the Western Life Office, and the Dublin Trades Protection Society—res. 1 Duggan-place, Rathmines, 33l.

„ Ridge, Richard, esq.

16 Browne, Peter, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuator, & undertaker, 100l.

17 Jones, John, army clothier, and 6 Regent-street, London, 48l.

18 Carroll, Francis, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 57l.

„ Thomson, Walter, upholst. cabinet-maker, and undertaker—res. 27 Dorset-street, upper

„ Beatty, P. survey and valuation offices, and Fairfield, Dundrum

19 O'Gorman, James, auctioneer and valuator, 55l.

20 Walsh, Patk. cabinetmaker, upholsterer, undertaker, valuator, and auctioneer, 62l.

21 English, Isaac, fruit and seed merchant—residence, 13 Belgrave-sq. Rathmines, 54l.

„ English, Joshua Carroll, merchant

„ Hancock, William, and Co. Welsh fire brick manufacturers

„ Nunns, John, merchant, and 31 Waltham terrace, Blackrock

„ O'Connor, Dillon, Family Endowment and General Agency Office, and 2 Dorset-st. lower

„ Phillips, Arthur W. collector of Income Tax, and agent to Railway Passenger Insurance Co.—res. 7 Charleston-terrace, Rathmines

22 Robertson, Alexander, gum-elastic surgeons' instrument and surgical syringe and stomach pump manufacturer, 48l.

„ Hardman, Townley Wm. solicitor, and Ballygihan, Dalkey

„ Gregg, Jas. W. sol. & deputy clerk of the Peace, Londonderry

here Litton's-lane intersects

23 Purdon, Brothers, W. S. and E. printers, and proprietors Farmers' Gazette newspaper, 70l.

24 Fishbourne, Jos. forwarding agent.

Great Southern and Western Railway parcel and goods office, 66l.

„ Alma and Hackett, solicitors

„ Alma, Edward Love, solicitor, and Seafield-terrace, Blackrock

„ Hackett, Richd. Pope, sol. and Mellville, Avoca-avenue, Blackrock

„ Neligan, Wm. and Richd. sols.

„ Neligan, Richard Chute, solicitor

„ Neligan, William John, solicitor

25 Dillon, Thomas, auctioneer, valuator, and furniture warerooms, 73l.

26 Smyth, John, clothing contractor, milit. cap maker & embroidr. 30l.

„ Wallis, John, forwarding agent to Midland Great Western Railway, goods and parcel office

„ Sproule and Martin, solicitors

„ Maturin, John, solicitor

„ Sproule, Samuel, solicitor

„ Martin, William, solicitor

„ Stevenson, James a.m. solicitor

„ Persse, John Green, solicitor

27 Egan, Cornelius, and Co. hop, seed, and corn factors, 32l.

28 Boswell, Jas. house painter, paper hangings manufacturer, 115l.

29 M'Mullen, John, wine merchant—res. 5 Lower Sherrard-street, 58l.

„ O'Rorke, John, professor of music

30 Carrick, Rob. printer & stationer, 50l.

„ Conroy, John, solicitor

„ Arbuckle, George, agent to the New Equitable Life Office

31 M'Cabe, Terence, Carlisle hotel & tavern, and Howard Arms, 46l.

here William's-row intersects

32 Jones, Nathaniel, & Son, boot and shoe makers, 55l.

„ Morison, Mathew, land agent, and agent for the Life Association of Scotland—res. 2 Westminster, Grosvenor-road, Rathmines (see advertisement)

„ Morison, Wm. M'Ivor, lithographer and engr. & Montrose, Rathgar-rd.

33 Bailey, Christopher, rope, net, and sack manuf. wholesale stationer, fishing tackle, & brush wareho. 54l.

„ Pickering, Samuel, gen. comm. agt.

34 Canigan, Edward, hosier, military, naval, and colonial outfitter, 36l.

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