George's-place, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Off Hardwicke-place.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Baker, William, linen draper, hosier, and haberdasher, 30l.

2 Lube, Edward, house painter, 14l.

„ Lube, Jno. ho. painter & decorator

[3 to 7—14l. to 24l.]

3 Cook, Mrs. Sarah,

4 Ensor, Charles, esq.

5 Price, Mr. James,

„ Smith, Edward, a.b. sol. and Tinnock, Inch, Wexford,

6 Smith, Fred. William, esq.

7 Devine, Mr. Edward,

8 Gatchell, Edward, esq. 21l.

9 Cuthbert, Miss, 21l.

„ Davenport, Simon C. esq.

10 and 11 Building ground

12 Clendenning, Mrs. 23l.

13 O'Brien, Jeremiah D. solicitor, 23l.

14 Walsh, Bartholomew, professor of music, 23l.

15 Morgan, Hen. cabinetmaker, 14l.

16 Stowell, Mrs. 14l.

17 M'Namara, Miss, milliner, 18l.

18 Powell, Mrs. 18l.

19 Connellon, John, esq. 17l.

20 O'Connor, Michael, esq. sol. 17l.

21 Vacant, 17l.

22 Laird, Mrs. 22l.

23 Swanzy, James, esq. 19l.

24 Durdin, Mr. Michael, 18l.

25 Burke, Mrs. 19l.

26 Fitzgerald, George, esq. 21l.

27 Lindon, Miss Jane, 19l.

28 Supple, Marcus, esq. a.b., t.c.d. 18l.

„ Supple, Elizabeth, ladies' day school

29 to 34 Building ground

35 Harper, Miss Mary, 29l.

„ Blackham, John, barrister

St. George's Church

(North side—see Hardwicke-place.)

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