Frederick-street, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Molesworth-street to Nassau-street.

P. St. Anne.—Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Hayes, Edward, agent, 20l.

2 Prendergast, Mrs. Eliza, 32l.

„ Thompson, Miss E. dressmaker

„ Callan, Mary, hair artist

3 Mahon, Lawrence, vintner, 26l.

4 White, William, solicitor, 30l.

„ O'Shea, Henry, solicitor, and 86 George's-street, Limerick

„ Magrath, Wm. solr. and Charleville

„ Dartnell, George, sol. and Limerick

„ Fitzgerald, Gerald, solr. & Limerick

„ Galway, Bryan, solicitor, and South Mall, Cork, sessional Crown solicitor, West Riding, Cork

„ Ward, Thos. M. sol. and Charleville

„ Carr, Edward, sol. and New Ross

„ Christie, Robert, sol. and Ballymena

„ Hall, John Henry, and Limerick

„ Bourke, Walter Joseph, solicitor, sessional Crown solr. Mayo, and Westport

5 Queen's Royal Hotel—Burke, Miss Mary Elizabeth, proprietor, 45l.

here Dawson-lane intersects

6 Maxwell, Martha, dressmaker, 35l.

7 Chambers, Jn. merchant tailor and army clothier, 34l.

8 Jones, Edward, mer. tailor, 36l.

9 Mowatt, J. bookbinder, 35l.

10 White, The Misses, professors of music, 32l.

11 Vacant, 40l.

12 Corbet, Thomas, esq. 40l.

„ Simmonds, Edward, solicitor, and master extraordinary for the court of Chancery in England

13 Doyle, Jas. Joseph mer. tailor, 52l.

„ Mullins, James, solicitor

„ Mullins, Callaghan, solicitor

14 Gordon, John, m.d. 58l.

15 Worthington, Thomas, proctor, 50l.

16 Morrow, Hamilton, bookseller, 48l.

„ Cornwall, Wm. C. solicitor—res. Richmond, Monkstown, 40l.

17 Simmonds, Edward, solr. & master extraor. of High Court of Chancery in England

18, 19, & 20 Morrow, Hamilton, bookseller, stationer, and librarian

here Nassau-street intersects

22 Moressie, T. & Co. Parisian cleaning and dyeing establishment, 48l.

23 Patman, P. R. house and land agt. licensed auctioneer, and valuator, and agent to the London Mitre Life, and Norwich Equitable Assurance Companies, 45l.

„ Patman, Mrs. milliner, dress and court dressmaker

„ Mongan, Jas. R. military academy

24 Maffett, Wm. & Son, land agents, & regrs. to Dean & Chapter, Christ's Church, and agents to the Northern and Liverpool and London Insurance Cos. 50l.

„ Maffett, Wm. Hamilton, barrister, and Finglas house

„ Maffett, William, esq. and 27, Pembroke-place

25 Carroll & Hogan, Messrs. sols. 37l.

„ Carroll, William Hales, solicitor, land agent, and agent for the University Life Assurance Society —res. 11 Harcourt-street

„ Hogan, John Anthony, solicitor—res. 38 Cullenswood av. Ranelagh

26 Mahon, John Ross, esq.—office, 17 College-green, 46l.

„ Gibson, Wm. sol.—res. 22 Merrion-square, north, and Rockforest, co. Tipperary

27 Kavanagh, Mrs. Maria, 43l.

„ Galbraith, Richard, solicitor

28 Turner, Miss, lodgings, 28l.

„ W. Drabble, esq.

„ Bower, John, c.e. survr. & valuator

29 Willett, Jas. surgeon, f.r.c.s.i. 32l.

„ Scott, Barnaby, sessional crown solicitor for city and co. Kilkenny

30 Hamilton and Bell, solicitors, 32l.

„ Hamilton, John, sol. and agent to the Liverpool and London Fire Assurance Co. of London, and Eagle Life Assurance Co.—res. Annefield, Dundrum

„ Bell, Alex. solicitor, and Armagh

„ Hamilton, Alexander, barrister

„ M'Grath, Geo. Robt. sol. and proctor

31 Caldwell, Matthew, bookbinder to the Royal Dublin Society & Royal College of Surgeons, 37l.

„ Vincent, John, solicitor

„ Ruckley, John, solicitor

here Frederick-lane, South, intersects

32 Scott, Mr. John, board and lodging-house, 23l.

33 Lynch, Bartholomew, tailor, 26l.

34 Clampett, George, esq. 28l.

35 Wright, Thomas Edward, solicitor, and Monaghan, 28l.

36 Hilfirty, Mrs. A. M. prof. of music and singing, and organist, 28l.

„ Hilfirty, Mr. John George

37 Peterson, Mr. Richard, 30l.

„ Hanson, Miss, hair artist

38 and 39 Tenements, 11l., 6l.

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