Frederick-street, north

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner's-row to Dorset-street, Up.

P. St. George, east side, 1 to 18.—P. St. Mary, west side, 20 to 35.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Vacant, 60l.

2 Richardson, B. W. surg. f.r.c.s.i. 30l.

3 Spring, Mrs. 32l.

4 Annesley, Francis Charles, staff surgeon, 32l.

5 Egan, James C. commer. agent, 30l.

„ Egan, Thos. Moore, sol. and proctor

here Frederick-court, North, intersects.

6 Williams, C. R. prof. of dancing, by appnt. to Viceregal Court, 58l.

7 Hamilton, Trevor, esq. & Vessington, Dunboyne, 50l.

8 Lowry, Thomas Kennedy, bar. 52l.

9 Armstrong, Peebles, & Co. sols. 54l.

„ Peebles and Sheil, solicitors

„ Peebles, Wm. sol. and Dungannon

„ Sheil, Robert, sol. and Dungannon

10 Day, C. J. m.d. 42l.

11 Tighe, Edward, plumber, 12l.

11½ Kennedy, Edward, slater, 10l.

here Hardwicke-street intersects

12 Walker, Samuel, barrister, 25l.

13 Chartres, Miss E. 26l.

14 Taylor, W. H. cabinet maker, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuator, house and land agent, 40l.

15 M'Gauran, Edward, solicitor, 42l.

16 Hamilton, Frederick, solicitor, and proprietor of the Legal Diary—office, 11 Ormond-quay, upper—res. Charlemont-av. Kingstn. 42l.

„ Byrne, Patrick James, clerk of the Crown for Louth and Drogheda, and Lisnawilly house, Dundalk

17 Kennedy, Hen. m.d. & surgeon, 42l.

18 Robinson, John D. barrister, 40l.

here Dorset-street, Upper, intersects

19 Furlong, Joseph, grocer, spirit, and wine merchant, 46l.

Post Office Receiver—Joseph Furlong, receiver

„ Reid, Patk. Richard, m.d. l.r.c.s.e. l.m. & l.a. Dublin

20 Hitchcock, Henry, solicitor, 38l.

21 Twigg, John, esq. 39l.

22 Holmes, Avary, solicitor—office, 206 Brunswick street, great, 44l.

23 Cunningham, Mr. Patrick, 44l.

24 M'Veagh, John F. m.d. l.k.q.c.p.i. and m.r.c.s.i. 44l.

25 Mack, Mrs. 44l.

„ Mack, John, esq.

26 Cullinan & Son, sols. and Ennis, 48l.

„ Cullinan, Michael, solicitor, clerk of the Crown for Clare

„ Cullinan, Jn. F. solicitor, and sessional Crown solicitor for Clare

„ Redington, Saml. P. sol. & Galway

„ Walton, Geo. sol. & Sixmilebridge

27 Hare, James, esq. 40l.

„ Butler, Mrs.

„ Murphy, James, bootmaker

28 Sinclair, Edwd. B. m.d., m.r.c.s.e., l.k.q.c.p.i. and physician to Lying-in-Hospital, and secretary to Cow-pock Institution, 55l.

29 Norman, Mrs. Anne, 65l.

„ Norman, Alexander, barrister

30 Leetch, Robt. wine merchant, 54l.

31 Swan, Mrs. 50l.

„ Swan, Joseph, esq. and 17 Red Lion-square, London

32 Spencer, Alexander, land agent, 36l.

33 Murray, William, barrister, 36l.

34 Valkenburg, Edw. livery stables, and dealer in horses, 40l.

here Frederick-lane intersects

35 Humphrey & Son, coach builds. 30l.

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