Frederick-lane, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Nassau-street to Kildare-street.

P. St. Anne.—Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Tarpey, Hugh, vintner, 20l.

2 Day, Thomas, job and post-horse master to the Queen and Lord Lieutenant, 10l.

3 and 4 Tenements 8l., 25l.

5 Davis, and Son, coach makers

6 Coughlin, Thomas 12l.

7 Power, Michael, smith 12l.

8 Cahill, John, builder

9 Tenements

10 Dublin Medical Press and Weekly Medical Joumal Office

11 O'Reilly, Peter, smith & bellhanger

12 M'Nally, John, coachmaker, and 1 Clare-street

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