SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Thomas-street to Coombe.

P. St. Catherine, 150 to 158. P. St. Nicholas Without, 1 to 149.—1 to 32 & 123 to 149 Merchants'-quay W. 33 to 122 Wood-quay W.—City.

1 Farrelly, James, vintner, 38l.

2 Brown, Charles, tobacco and snuff manufac.—-res. Bloomfield aven. Circular road, south, 28l.

3 Andrews, Patk. shoemaker, 16l.

4 Vacant, 20l.

5 Bealan, Francis, provision dealer, and lodging house, 14l.

here Lamb-alley intersects

6 Young, B. shoemaker, 18l.

7 & 8 Dunn, Anne, shoemaker, 18l., 10l.

9 Byrne, Thomas, dairy, 17l.

10 Cuff, John, shoemaker, 33l.

11 Ryan, P. and J. shoemakers, 11l.

12 Nolan, Richard, broguemaker, 15l.

13 & 14 Bermingham, Jas. tallow chand. corn factor, & lard refiner, 26l., 10l.

15 Brophy, Thomas, shoemaker, 20l.

16 Walsh, James, shoemaker, 16l.

here Handkerchief-alley intersects

17 Daly, James, pipe maker, 12l.

18 Guy, James, clothes broker, 12l.

19 Shalvey, Patrick, general horse-hair manufacturer, 19l.

20 Humphry, George, vintner, 24l.

21 Tenements, 20l.

22 Coedy, Joseph, broguemaker, 16l.

23 and 24 Sweetman, Patrick and John, brewers, 295l.

„ Sweetman, Patrick, esq. Priory, Stillorgan

25 Behan, James, iron dlr. & nailer, 20l.

26 Roach, Anne, dairy, 13l.

here Binn's-court intersects

27 Murphy, Edw. nail & ironstores, 18l.

28 Young, Martin, broguemaker, 18l.

29 Carey, Michl. clothes broker, 16l.

30 Kelly, James, woollendraper, 18l.

31 Burke, Walter, shoemaker, 15l.

32 Vacant, 16l.

here Plunket-street intersects

32½ Inglis, John, provision dealer

33 Walsh, John, wholesale grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 25l.

34 Lynch, George, confectioner, 14l.

35 Smyth, John, provision dealer, 20l.

36 Furlong, Thomas, wholesale grocer and spirit stores, 30l.

36½ Dowling, John, carman's stage, 25l.

37 Manly, Patk. board & lodg. ho. 17l.

38 Moon, James, baker, 25l.

39 Tenements, 10l.

40 Bolger, Patrick, grocer and wine merchant, 32l.

41 Kearney, Mrs. dairy, 20l.

42 Kane, Denis, tea, wine and spirit dealer, 22l.

43 O'Neill, Michael, whip maker, 19l.

44 Nugent, Patrick, board and lodging house, 16l.

St. Nicholas' Roman Catholic Chapel, Presbytery—Rev. Edward M'Cabe, Canon, p.p.—Rev. Patrick Leahy, Rev. Nichs. Donnelly, Rev. M. Barlow, Rev. J. Hickey, Rev. Myles M'Manus, & Rev. Joseph Whelan, curates—Edward Patk. O'Flaherty, director of the Christian Schools—Edward Sherwood, clerk

45 Hagarty, John, wholesale grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 27l.

46 Boland, James, haberdasher, 17l.

47 Bohan, John, toy warehouse, 17l.

48 Donohoe, Jas. harness maker, 17l.

49 Carroll, Michael, broguemaker, 17l.

50 Geoghegan, William Moore, tabinet and Irish poplin manufactr. 40l.

51 M'Mahon, Mary, hair dresser, 15l.

52 Fitzgerald, Henry, prov. dealer,16l.

53 and 54 Tenements, 13l., 11l.

here Hanover-lane intersects

55 Mitchell, Wm. wholesale grocer, 29l.

56 Healy, Matthew, board and lodging-house keeper, 22l.

57 Lynch, J. provision dealer, 22l.

58 Murphy, John, general merchant, and 60 and 61, 24l.

59 Kavanagh, Jas. prov. dealer, 22l.

60 and 61 Murphy, John, grocer, wholesale tea, wine, & spirit merchant-stores, 58 Francis-street, and 32 and 33 Hanover-lane, 86l.

here Limerick-alley intersects

62 Tenements, 12l.

63 Smith, Pat. sack & hemp dealer, 11l.

64 Vacant,

65 Kehoe, A. tobacco dlr. & secretary to St. Nicholas of Myra So. 15l.

66 Collins, Richd. prov. merch. 17l.

67 Rafter, John, dairyman, 21l.

68 Tenements, 10l.

here Butler's-alley intersects

69 Murphy, Dudley, hosier and stocking weaver, 11l.

70 Carthy, Stephen, baker, and 37 Patrick-street, 24l.

71 Pendred, Ellen, confectioner, 18l.

72 Spring, J. pawnbroker, 35l.

73 Walsh, Jas. provision dealer, 20l.

74 Dempsey, James, prov. dealer, 22l.

75 M'Quirk, Wm. provision dealer, 17l.

here Dean-street and Coombe intersect

76 Hyland, Mary, chandler, 12l.

77 White, P. broker, 9l.

78 Graham, J. broker, 9l.

79 Cummins, John, Mr. 9l.

[80 to 85—8l. to 20l.]

80 Kirwan, B. marine stores,

81 M'Namee, John, marine store

82 and 83 Tenements,

84 Dowling, horseshoer & farrier,

85 Tenements,

86 Headon, Patrick, horse shoer and farrier

87 to 89 Tenements, each 9l.

90 Tenements, 10l.

91 Hanbidge, Thomas, rag stores, 10l.

92 and 93 Burke, Edward, wholesale & retail grocer, tea, wine, & spirit merchant, 38l.

here Mark's-alley intersects

94 Hanlon, Jas. forage contractor, 15l.

95 Davis, Mary, dairy, 13l.

96 Murray, Patk. provision dealer, 15l.

97 Griffin, William, dealer, 15l.

98 Tenements, 11l.

99 Ledwidge, Michael, curled hair manufacturer, 23l.

100 Kehoe, Mathew, prov. dlr. 42l.

101 Murphy, Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 16l.

102 Tenements, 13l.

103 & 104 Kehoe, Patrick, bacon and butter factor, 17l., 40l.

105 Healy, John, provision dealer, 18l.

106 Kavanagh, Wm. prov. dealer, 18l.

here Wall's-lane intersects

107 Brady, John, provision stores, 16l.

108 and 109 Kenny, Austin, wholesale corn and flour factor, and 6 Swift's-alley, 32l.

110 Walsh, M. grocer, 13l.

here Healy's-court intersects

111 Byrne, Michael, druggist, 12l.

112 to 115 Ruins

here Garden-lane intersects

116 and 117 Tenements, each 13l.

118 Ryan, John, m.d. surgeon and accoucheur, 29l.

119, 120, and 121 Taylor, Wm. tobacco, snuff, soap, and candle manufac. 29l., 21l. 18l.

122 Healy, Matthew, grocer and spirit merchant, 23l.

here Swift's-alley intersects

123 Lenehan, John, dairy, 12l.

124 Smyth, Jane, ordinary, 16l.

125 Monks, P. builder, and 2 Swift's-alley, 17l.

here Pendred's-court intersects

126 Tenements, 10l.

127 Cunningham, Thomas, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 22l.

128 and 129 Kelly, Joseph, saw mills, timber and slate merchant, and 66 and 67 Thomas-street, 50l.

130 Ruins

here Infirmary-yard intersects

131 Darcy, Anne, provision dealer, 8l.

132 M'Loughlin, Cath. tobacco pipe maker, 16l.

133 Nowlan, James, shoemaker, 15l.

134 M'Donnell, John, 15l.

135 Cunningham, Thos. pipe mkr. 26l.

136 Bryan, Mary, provision dealer, 18l.

137 Cunningham, Robert, shoemk. 10l.

138 Flood, Michael, prov. dealer, 19l.

139 Cunningham, Jn. tobacco pipe manufacturer, 39l.

140 and 141 Baker, Wardell, and Co. sugar stores, 30l., 40l.

142 Ryan, Michael, shoemaker, 24l.

143 Evans, William, pipe maker, 12l.

144 Hunter, Thos. pawnbroker, 35l.

145 Burk, Walter, boot and clog maker, 10l.

146 Ryan, James, prov. dealer, 12l.

147 & 148 Ruddell, Wm. tobacco, snuff, and cigar manufacturer—res. 134 James's-st.; manufactory, Steevens's-lane, 24l., 21l.

149 Fowler, Peter, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, and Sion, co. Kildare, 48l.

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