SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Stephen-street to Digges-street.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 25, and 50 to 80 Royal Exchange W. 26 to 55 Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Plunkett, P. J. leather cutter, and leather and shoe trimming warehouse, and 3 Belgrave-road, 44l.

2 Tatlock, Mrs. Esther, City Arms hotel and tavern keeper, 38l.

3 Dutton, Job, umbrella maker, 30l.

4 Holmes, William, boot & shoe warehouse, 27l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—William Holmes, receiver

5 & 6 Quinlan, John, and Son, house painters, decorators, and paper hangings warehouse, 45l.

7 Tracey, John, carp. & builder, 22l.

8 Robinson, A. silk & woollen dyer, 35l.

9 English, J. & B. coach factory, 30l.

10 Reilly, Peter, carver and gilder, looking-glass, picture frame, and window cornice manufacturer, 40l.

„ Reilly, Peter, artists' color wareho. and picture frame manufactory

11 Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House

here Little Longford-street intersects

12 Daffron, William, grocer, 21l.

13 Spenser, John, philosophical instrument maker, and 47 Cullenswood avenue, 25l.

„ Cunningham, Harriett, dressmaker

14 Costelloe, Patrick, dealer in window glass, 23l.

here Bow-lane intersects

15 M'Keon, Patrick, window blind manufacturer, steam-power, 32l.

16 Hallion, John, boot and shoemr. 40l.

17 Unfinished

18 Hoyne, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 40l.

19 Bramble, Geo. umbrella mkr. 25l.

20 Coftey, M. boot & shoe maker, 52l.

21 Connell, T. boot and shoe mak. 41l.

„ Anderson, James, printer

22 Small, Matthew, veterinary surgeon, and hospital for horses & dogs, 72l.

23 Cahill, E. builder, timber and slate merchant, 35l.

„ Lynn, Wm. boot and shoe maker

24 Deale, W. & S. wholesale and retail boot and shoe warehouse, 38l.

25 Tenements, 20l.

here York-street intersects

26 Evans, Wm. paper stainer, decorator, and general contractor, 26l.

27 Humphrey, Sarah, straw bonnet & millinery warerooms, 15l.

28 Quinn, Patrick, fruiterer, 15l.

29 Moore, Hannah, commercial boarding-house, 28l.

30 Mills, Mrs. Anne, 30l.

here Aungier-place intersects

31 O'Leary, E. boot & shoe maker, 30l.

32 Furlong, P. tailor and draper, 32l.

33 Whelan, Wm. boot & shoe mak. 20l.

34 Wilson, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 25l.

35 Tenements, 32l.

36 Cooper, William, & Son, plumbers, brass founders, gas fitters, wood pump makers, & well sinkers, 42l.

37 & 38 O'Callaghan, J. M. baker and flour mer.152 Capel-st. 13 William-st. 16 Merrion-row, 39 Henry-st., 9 Christchurch-place, 55 Grafton-st., 16 Arran-quay, 13 George's-street, Kingstown, 88 Gt. Britain-street, Main-street, Blackrock, and 55 Thomas-street, 36l., 37l.

39 Sleater, Martha, coal mercht. 25l.

40 Ryan, Mr. Stephen, 25l.

41 Hamilton, Mrs. millinery warerooms, 23l.

42 Shea, Robert F. medical practitioner, 25l.

43 O'Reilly, John A. vintner, 27l.

here Digges-street, Redmond's hill, Bishop-street, and Peter's-row intersect

44 and 45 Blighe, C. grocer, wine, and spirit dealer, 38l.

46 Stanley, John, painter and paper hanger, 22l.

47 Read, Robert, measurer and valuator of building works, 23l.

48 Nevin, Edward, esq. 24l.

49 Templeton, Wm. marble cutter, 25l.

50 Ballard, R. repository and shoe warehouse, 25l.

„ St. Peter's repository poor shop

51 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Orphan School—P. H. Slevin, honorary secretary, 26l.

„ O'Connolly, Mr. Michl. schoolmstr.

52 Browne, Thomas, house painter & paper hanger, 30l.

53 Barry, Mrs. Elizab. Freeman, boarding and lodging-house, 30l.

St. Peter's Church—Rector, Ven. John West, d.d. archdeacon of Dublin

54 Fanagan, William, funeral establishment and job coaches, &c. 40l.

55 Dublin English Scientific and Commercial Day School, under the Incorporated Society, &c. —Arthur Houston, esq., a.b., t.c.d., Headmaster 56l.

here York-row intersects

56 Carmelite Convent, see Whitefriar-street

Provincial, Very Rev. Thos. Bennett, d.d.—ex-provincial, Very Rev. Dr. Spratt, d.d. prov. of England—prior, Very Rev. Jn. Carr, a.b.—Rev. Eugene Cullen—Rev. John Mulvihill—Rev. Hen. Magee, o.c.c.—Rev. Cors. Crotty, o.c.c.—Rev.John Bartley, o.c.c.—Rev. John Gilligan, o.c.c.—Rev. Thos. Ward, o.c.c.

57 and 58 Entrance to Whitefriar-street Chapel, 55l.

59 Library of St. Joseph's Society, 40l.

here Whitefriar-lane intersects

60 to 62 Tenements, 12l., 20l., 18l.

63 Robinson, Thomas, house painter, paper hanger, and decorator, 23l.

64 Lawler, John, plumber, brassfounder, and agent for Milwood's Gas Regulator, 20l.

65 Doran, John, tailor, 27l.

66 Morris, Robert A. solicitor, 25l.

67 Ray, Mrs. Wm. lodging house, 30l.

„ Heffernan, M. furniture broker

68 Price, Sarah, boarding-house, 45l.

68 ½ Fitzgerald, J. M. m.d. and accoucheur, 18l.

here Longford-street, Great, intersects

69 Ward, Laurence, dairyman, 14l.

70 Norton, Thos. furniture bkr. 20l.

71 Tenements, 16l.

72 Stephens, Hen. Colclough, solicitor, & returning officer for co. Armagh—res. New Brighton, Shankill, 40l.

„ Ardill and Stephens, solicitors

„ Ardill, Thomas, solicitor, and 23 Fitzwilliam-street, upper

„ Milford, Henry, sol. and Belfast

„ Jordan, Myles, sol. and Castlebar

73 Brennan, John, painter, 32l.

74 O'Neale, Edward R. oil cloth and room paper warehouse, painter, and glazier, 27l.

75 Egan, Edward, m.d., m.r.c.s.i., and apothecary, 21l.

76 Burland, B. W. cabinetmaker, 25l.

77 Cunningham, James J. pawnbroker, and Merrion strand, 28l.

78 Fourth District Office Inland Revenue—St. Laurence George Edward, supervisor, 28l.

„ Byrne, John, & Son, cabinetmakers & photographic apparatus manufacturers

79 Brien, Joseph, bootmaker, 14l.

80 Palmer & Co. general drapers, 35l.

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