Fitzwilliam-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Baggot-street, Lower, to Fitzwilliam-square, East.

P. St. Peter.— 1 to 21 Mansion-house W. 22 to 41 Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Labatt, Ham. a.b. m.d. f.r.c.s.i. & practitioner in midwifery, 35l.

2 Keogh, George, solicitor, 42l.

3 Robinson, Jos. prof. of music, 64l.

4 Coddington, Mrs. 55l.

5 Jackson, Mrs. A. 55l.

6 Rorke, Mrs. Mary, 57l.

7 Heron, D. Caulfeild, q.c. ll.d. 67l.

8 Hickey, Mrs. 66l.

9 M'Donnell, Mrs. 68l.

10 Sugrue, John, esq. j.p. 70l.

11 Butler, Hon. St. John, & Walshestown, Balbriggan, 72l.

„ Butler, James Henry Edward, esq.

12 Kane, Daniel Ryan, q.c. chairman of Quar. Sessions, co. Leitrim, 63l.

„ Kane, Thomas, barrister

„ Kane, Richard, barrister

13 Brown, Mrs. 63l.

14 Foot, Lundy E. barrister, 63l.

„ Foot, Charles Henry, barrister

15 Taylor, Mrs. 63l.

16 Bruce, Miss Elizabeth, 63l.

17 Gregory, Mrs. 60l.

18 Whitestone, George T. esq. 40l.

19 Greene, Henry Robert, esq. 40l.

20 Armstrong, Mrs. 32l.

21 Shields, John Gore, 38l.

here Fitzwilliam-square intersects

22 Leahy, John, q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Louth, 92l.

23 Ardill, Thomas, solicitor—office, 72 Aungier-street, 85l.

24 Ellington, J. Faviere, barrister, 83l.

25 Hare, John, sol. & land agent, 83l.

26 Connolly, James, esq. 83l.

27 Lawson, James Anthony, ll.d., Solicitor-General for Ireland, 85l.

28 Wolseley, Mrs. 85l.

„ Wolseley, Richard F. esq.

29 Moore, Richard, esq. 85l.

30 Byrne, Miss 85l.

31 Smith, Major Bramston. 80l.

32 Howley, John. 1st serg.-at-law, 100l.

33 Johnstone, Edward, barrister, 80l.

34 Fitzgerald, Geo. William, esq. 80l.

35 Hall, Alexander, esq. 83l.

36 Denny, Rev. Barry, rector of Caherciveen, county Kerry, 83l.

37 M'Carthy, A. barrister, 83l.

„ M'Carthy, Daniel, esq.

38 Dudgeon, Jas. agent to the County Fire and Provident Life Office, 113 Grafton-street, and Ball's Bank,

31 Henry-street, 8 3l.

39 Woodrooffe, Chas. Hen. barr. 83l.

40 Dickson, Joseph, j.p. and Ballfree, Ashford, 83l.

41 Cox, Ambrose, esq. d.l. and j.p. Clara-house, King's county, 80l.

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