SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-sq. Sth. to Baggot-st. Lr.

P. St. Peter.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Langford, Robert, solicitor, 42l.

„ Bastable, Daniel C. solicitor

2 Hore, James, esq. 46l.

3 Moore, Daniel Frederick, esq. 40l.

„ Molyneux, Echlin, q.c. chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Meath

here Fitzwilliam-lane intersects

4 Bradford, Louis King, a.r.h.a. artist, portrait & landscape painter, 58l.

5 Clarke, Miss, 46l.

6 Hemphill, Chas. H. q.c. 56l.

7 Reeves, Edw. solicitor, 60l.

„ Reeves, Robert Edward, barrister

8 Ayre, Vernon, esq. 52l.

„ Doyle, John, esq.

9 Bellingham, Mrs. A. O. 50l.

10 Kirby, John James, barrister, 54l.

„ Madden, Miss

11 Norman, Mrs. 27l.

here Baggot-street, Lower, intersects

12 Tudor, Richard, barrister, 66l.

13 Robinson. A. solicitor, 63l.

14 Williams, Mrs. 63l.

15 Whitty, Mrs. Jane, 63l.

16 Curry, William, lodging-house, 67l.

17 Lees, Mrs. 63l.

18 Delany, George, merchant, 63l.

19 Butcher, Richard G. H. f.r.c.s. surgeon to Mercer's hospital, 70l.

20 Robinson, Dr. Francis, Mus. Doc. professor of music, 70l.

„ Robinson, Francis Fox, esq. Royal Tyrone Fusiliers

21 Franks, Thomas, solicitor, 72l.

„ Franks, Matthew H. solicitor

22 Hughes, Hon. Henry George, Third Baron of the Exchequer, 70l.

23 Pigot, John Edward, barrister, 70l.

24 Leishman, the Misses, educational institute for ladies, 77l.

25 Patten, William M. esq. j.p. for Co. Mayo, 70l.

„ Patten, Robt. esq. j.p. co. Wicklow

26 Darley, Frederick, architect, 70l.

27 Johnston, Mrs. 68l.

28 Ruxton, Mrs. 68l.

29 Ball, Mrs. Caroline, 56l.

30 Byrne, John Alex. barrister, 45l.

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