Fitzwilliam-square, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Pembroke street, Lower, to Pembroke-street, Upper.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

36 Delmege, Julius, solicitor, & Rathkeale, co. Limerick, 78l.

37 De Montmorency, Mrs. 80l.

38 O'Shea, Henry, esq. 65l.

39 Simpson, Richard A. sol. and Elm Green house, Blanchardstown, 60l.

„ Simpson, Stephen, esq. and Elm Green house, Blanchardstown

40 Butcher, Rev. Samuel, f.t.c.d. 82l.

41 Trench, the Misses, 92l.

42 Benson, C. m.d., a.m., f.r.c.s.i. 86l.

43 Lewis, Lt.-Col. Arthur Gamble, d.l. j.p. co. Monaghan, and j.p. co. Dublin, 86l.

„ Lewis, Maurice P. W. ll.d. bar.

44 Robinson, James, q.c. chairman of Quar. Sess. co. Roscommon, 86l.

45 George, John, q.c. m.p. and Cahore, co. Wexford, 86l.

46 Hamilton, James Alex. esq. 86l.

47 Longfield, Hon. Judge, Landed Estates Court, 86l.

48 Colles, Graves C. esq. 86l.

49 De Montmorency, Capt. Henry, 96l.

50 Blakeney, Robert, barrister, 88l.

51 Dillon, J. B. barrister, 86l.

„ O'Hara, Wm. solicitor, and Druid lodge, Killiney

52 Power, Mrs. Mahon, 80l.

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