Fitzwilliam-square, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Pembroke-street, Lower, to Fitzwilliam-street, Upper.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

53 Knox, Capt. Laurence E. proprietor of the Irish Times, and Aughavanagh lodge, Rathdrum, 54l.

54 Harris, Thomas, q.c. 80l.

„ Harris, John Wm. barrister

55 Browne, Andrew, esq. and Mount Hazel, Glantane, co. Galway, 80l.

56 White, Miss, 85l.

57 Bushe, Arthur, barrister, Master of Queen's Bench, 86l.

58 Barrington, Croker, solicitor, 86l.

59 Lefanu, Wm. R. civil engineer, 86l.

60 Mollan, John, m.d. 86l.

61 Borough, Sir Edward, bart., j.p.—res. Glenaveena, Howth 98l.

62 Lecky, Mrs. and Londonderry, 98l.

63 Anderson, Matthew, solicitor and proctor of Admiralty and crown solicitor for county and city of Dublin, and 2 Inns'-quay, 103l.

„ Anderson, Matthew Henry, solicitor—chambers, 11 Suffolk-street

„ Anderson, Samuel Lee, solicitor, and 2 Inn's-quay

64 Blake, P. J. q.c. and chairman of Quarter Ses. co. Fermanagh, 103l.

65 Brophy, Wm. solicitor, 102l.

66 Tighe, Robert, q.c. chairman of Quar. Sessions, co. Limerick, 96l.

67 Hardy, Simon, barrister, 88l.

68 Knox, Mrs. Catherine, 85l.

69 Greene, Richard J. barrister, 63l.

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