Fitzwilliam-square, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Fitzwilliam-street, Upper, to Fitzwilliam-place.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 D'Arcy, Matthew P. esq. 96l.

2 Roe, Henry, esq.—office, 3 Crampton-quay, 100l.

3 Barry, Chas. R. q.c. crown prosecutor for co. & city of Dublin, 100l.

4 Maley, Michael, solicitor, 52l.

5 Monahan, Rt. Hon. Jas. Henry, Chief Justice Court of Com. Pleas, 150l.

„ Monahan, James Henry, jun. bar.

6 Costley, Lieut.-Gen. W.R.C.C. 100l.

7 Power, Alfred, esq. Chief Poor Law Commissioner, 95l.

8 Williamson, Richd. esq. and Farmley, co. Wexford, 100l.

9 Crosthwait, Thos. esq. j.p. 100l.

10 Dunne, Edwd. Meadows, barrister, and Mountrath, Queen's co. 93l.

11 Molony, Miss Selina, 93l.

12 Hargreave, Hon. Chas. Jas. Judge of Landed Estates Court, 100l.

13 May, George A. C. barrister 100l.

14 Courtney, Thomas, solicitor, and registrar to the Lord Chief Justice, Queen's Bench, and to the Consolidated Nisi Prius Court, 100l.

15 Truell, R. H. esq. 108l.

16 Ormsby, Henry, q.c. 93l.

17 Sandes, Mrs. 100l.

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