Fitzwilllam-place, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Fitzwilliam-square to Leeson-street.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Ryder, Miss, & Castle Lyons house, county Cork, 100l.

2 Griffith, Sir Richard, bt. ll.d. chairman of the Board of Works, chief Boundary Surveyor under the Act 17 Vic. chap. 17, and commissioner of the Government Valuation of Ireland; office, 6 Ely-place, 130l.

3 Rutledge, David, esq. and Barbersfort, Ballyglunin, 120l.

4 Foster, Miss, 96l.

5 Chatterton, Hedges Eyre, q.c. 96l.

6 Pennefather, Edward, q.c. 96l.

7 Connolly, The Misses, 98l.

„ Fuller, Rev. A. S. a.m.cur. St. Mark's

here Cumberland-road intersects.

8 MacIldowny, Mrs. 98l.

9 Exham, Wm. Allen, barrister, 95l.

„ Exham, Robert, merchant

10 Reeves, J. R. esq. 95l.

11 Lowry, J. Fetherston H. barrister, Pomeroy house, co. Tyrone, and Ballymore, Westmeath, 105l.

12 Martin, Richard, esq. 100l.

„ Martin, William J. f.r.c.p.e.

13 Butson, Mrs. 93l.

14 Belford, E. A. esq. receiver-general of Inland Revenue, 93l.

15 Woodrooffe, William, bar. 78l.

16 Thompson, Miss, 78l.

„ Calwell, Miss

17 Burke, Joseph, barrister, and Elm Hall, Parsonstown, 88l.

18 Carson, Rev. Jos. f.t.c.d. and West Chapel Building, College, 88l.

19 Hardy, John Peter, merchant, 90l.

20 Flanagan, Stephen Woulfe, bar. 90l.

21 Dobbs, Hon. Wm. Cary, one of the Judges of the Landed Estates Court, and Ashurst, Killiney, 88l.

22 La Touche, P. Digges, esq. 88l.

23 Roberts, N. D. esq. 95l.

24 Courtney, Henry, esq. 110l.

25 Watson, William, esq. 110l.

here Leeson-street, Lower, and Adelaide-road intersect.

26 Hamilton, Hans H. q.c. chairman of Quar. Sessions, co. Armagh, 120l.

27 Cowper, Joseph, esq.

28 Woodrooffe, William Morton, esq. j.p. Newberry Hall, Carbury, co. Kildare

29 Young, John, esq.

30 Sullivan, Edwd. q.c. Second Sergeant-at-law

31 Lalor, Nicholas Jas. esq. t.c.

here Leeson-street, Lower, intersects

32 Mahony, David, esq. 88l.

33 Stewart, Lady, 88l.

„ Litton, Richard W. late Captain 30th Foot

34 Maddock & Jones, Messrs. sols. 88l.

„ Maddock, Robert, solicitor

35 Cole, Lady Fanny, 90l.

36 Roberts, Lieut.-Col. John Cramer, 94l.

37 Callwell, Nathaniel, esq. 90l.

38 Stewart, Alexander, esq. 88l.

39 Nolan, Mrs. 86l.

40 Henderson, William C. q.c. 86l.

41 and 42 Vacant

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