SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bedford-row to Westmoreland-st.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

1 Brady, P. bootmaker, 28l.

2 Murphy, Christopher, dressing-case, writing-desk, pocket-book, and purse manufacturer, and dealer in jewellery and fancy goods, 24l.

3 Drake, Thomas, and Son, plumbers brass founders, hydraulic engineers, and gutta percha and vulcanized india rubber wareh. 36l.

4 Martin, J. manufacturing goldsmith, jeweller, and silversmith, worker in diamonds and pearls, watch, and clock maker, and Marine cot. Sandymount-strand, 30l.

5 Anderton, Anne, fringe & trimming warehouse, 30l.

„ Anderton, Jabez, working jeweller

6 Fetherston, Saml. engraver, & dealer in pictures and antiquities, 28l.

7 Hawkins, Benj. carver &, gilder, 30l.

„ Ardiff, M. dressmaker

8 Martin, Joseph, portmanteau and trunk maker, and 4 Crampton-quay, 34l.

9 Dawson, The Misses, milliners and fancy warerooms, 26l.

„ Dawson, William, agency office

10 Carroll, Richard, plumber, patent pump and water closet manufact. and porter machine maker, 35l.

11 Kelly, John, auctioneer, dealer in hardware and fancy goods, 33l.

12 Traynor, Peter, dealer in curiosities, 30l.

„ Hardman, Mrs. Maria, tobacconist

13 Kenny, Joseph, fishing tackle manufactory, &c. 28l.

„ Boland, J. W. jeweller

here Lee's-lane intersects.

14,15, 16, & 17, M'Birney, Collis, & Co. wholesale and retail woollen and linen drapers, hosiers, silk mercers, and haberdashers, factory 24 D'Olier-street, 450l.

„ M'Birney, David, esq. J.P.

„ Collis, Robert G. esq. Leeson-park, Leeson-street, upper, and Millbrook, co. Tipperary

18 Vacant, 35l.

here Price's-lane intersects

19 Fagan, John, portmanteau and trunkmaker, 28l.

20 and 21 Hodges, John, and Sons, house-furnishing ironmongers, and 10 Westmoreland-street 75l.

22 Wickham, James, vintner, 28l.

here Carlisle Bridge crosses the Liffey.

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