SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Wood-quay to Essex-bridge.

P. St. John.—1 to 3 Wood-quay W. 4 to 32 South City W.—City.

1 Trawford, Chs. spur & harness mak.

2 Finnigan, J. carpet bag makr. 20l.

3 Douglas, Joseph, bookseller, 18l.

here Fishamble-street intersects

4 Egar, J. military musical instrument maker, 18l.

here Royal Colonnade intersects

5 Butler, Robt. goldbeater & dentists' gold manufacturer, 18l.

6 Moroney, Michael, dealer in musical instruments, 18l.

7 Farrell, Patrick, bootmaker, 18l.

8 Phelan, Michael, bookbinder, 30l.

„ Gately, Michael, jeweller

9 Tenements

10 Lee, Samuel, bookbinder

11 Ledbetter, Brothers, working watch makers, jewellers, and goldsmiths

„ Ledbetter, John Edmund, working watch and clock maker

„ Ledbetter, J. Alfred, auditor and designer of tabular statements

12 M'Bride, Neil, picture dealer and frame maker, 28l.

13 Phillips, Thomas, goldbeater, 28l.

14 Hampson, Robert, watch and clock maker, goldsmith, & jeweller, 25l.

15 M'Connell, James, bookseller, 35l.

16 Broderick, William, watch & clock manufactr. gold and silver smith, and 23 Exchange-st. lower, 32l.

„ Haslam, John, solicitor

17 Flint, John, fishing tackle warehouse and gunpowder office, 32l.

18 Ivers, Julia, jeweller, printsetter and frame manufacturer, 22 Lr. Exchange-street, 30l.

19 Fleming, Geo. engraver & seal cutter to g.p.o. & general printer, 33l.

„ Fleming, Miss, church ornament warehouse

20 Kane, Fras. engraver & printer, 30l.

„ Mason, Jas. Stewart, work. jeweller

21 Wood, Archibald, watchmaker, 16l.

22 Shields, Mrs. wholesale travelling bag manufactory, 15l.

„ Sheilds, J. A. carver, gilder, looking-glass & picture-frame manuf.

23 Jennett, Jas. boot tree, last, & glove tree maker, and chiropodist, 40l.

24 Smith, Fras. umbrella and parasol manufacturer, oiled silks, &c. and 18 Lower Exchange-street, 30l.

25 & 26 Byrne, Joseph & P. engravers, seal-cutters, and printers, 27l.

27 Weeks, J. and Son, gun and fishing tackle warehouse, 33l.

28 Gogan, Thomas, glover, &c. 36l.

„ Keogh, M. artificial flower maker and church ornament warehouse

29 Driscoll, Francis, trunkmaker, 10l.

30 & 31 Mayfield, James, watchmaker, goldsmith, and importer of jewellery, &c. & 10 Sackville-st. lr. 28l.

32 Trulock, S. and R. gun and pistol manufac. and 11 Essex-bridge

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