SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-row to Smith's-buildings.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Atkinson, Mrs. 60l.

2 Madden, Mrs. Har. ladies' sem. 55l.

3 Trail, William, esq. 60l.

4 Murray, Mrs. lodgings, 60l.

5 Bashford, Fredk. Geo. ironmonger, proprietor of improved kitchen ranges, 110l.

6 Office of the General Valuation and Boundary Survey of Ireland—Sir Richard Griffith, bart. commissioner; John Ball Greene, esq. superintend.; Geo. Bolton, sol.: R. Fdk. Shaw, esq. chief clerk, 150l.

7 Pelly, Mrs. Lavinia, 78l.

8 Hutchinson, the Hon. Ladies Hely, 120l.

9 Sanderson, Edwin, sol. & 1 Monkstown-hill, Monkstown, 56l.

10 Barrington, Son, & Jeffers, solicitors, and Limerick, 75l.

„ Barrington, Croker, solicitor—res. 58 Fitzwilliam-square, north, and Barrington's-bridge, Limerick

„ Jeffers, Patrick David, sol. and 30 Fitzwilliam-square, south

11 Darley, Henry, esq. and Wingfield, Bray, 63l.

„ Darley, Frederick M. barrister

„ Darley, John Henry, registrar's office, Court of Chancery

12 O'Donnell, Lady, 63l.

13 Battley, Thomas C. esq. 63l.

14 Smith, Edward, esq. 55l.

here Smith's-buildings intersects

15 Dowling, John B. esq. 22l.

here Bell's-lane intersects

16 Grattan, Mr. John D. 35l.

17 Mooney, Mr. James, 30l.

18 M'Cleverty, Mr. Robert, 30l.

„ Allen, Richard, barrister

here Hume-street intersects

19 Vacant, 33l.

20 Johnston, Saml. lodging-house, 32l.

21 Rawson, Miss, 40l.

„ Leech, Jonathan, m.d.

22 Taylor, Mrs. Moyra, 55l.

23 Jacob, Arthur, m.d. f.r.c.s. 35l.

„ Jacob, Archibald H. a.b. l.r.c.s.

24 Carey, Pierce, wax chandler and coal factor, and letter receiver, 19 Merrion-row

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