SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Queen-street to Silver-street.

P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

here the Queen's bridge crosses the Liffey to Usher's island and quay.

1 M'Carthy, Thomas, stationer, 12l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—Thos. M'Carthy, receiver

2 Weir, Thomas, victualler, 12l.

3 Whelan, Francis, register's office, Court of Chancery 16l.

4 Doyle, James, grocer, tea, wine, & spirit merchant

5 and 6 Gilson, Owen, wheelwright, car and cart manufactory, 20l., 8l.

7 Greavon, Denis, m.d. surgeon, 20l.

8, 9, and 10, Ross & Co. army cabinet furniture, portmanteau, and camp equipage manfacturer, and 35 Tighe-st. 66l.

11 Vacant

12 Crennan, Mr. Andrew

13 Ireland, Jno. & Son, army clothiers, cap, and accoutrement makers, & 11, Rathmines-road, 63l.

„ Ireland, John, esq. Mer Vue, Booterstown

here John-street intersects

14 Ledwidge, Michael, brush manf. 23l.

15 Mooney, William, jeweller, 22l.

16 Flynn, Patrick, starch and blue manufactory, and com. agent, 22l.

„ Flynn, The Misses, teachers of the pianoforte and singing

17 Brabazon, Patrick, car owner, 21l.

18 Phillips, John, fish hook maker, 21l.

19 Johnston, Coslett, esq. 21l.

20 Conway, Joseph, law clerk and accountant, 23l.

21 M'Court, Wm. grocer and general shop, 22l.

22 and 23 Butler, James J. wax, spermaceti, and tallow chandler to the Queen & Lord Lieutenant, each 25l.

24 Glynn, Patrick, watchmaker, 25l.

25 Torney, Thos. m.d. m.r.c.s.e. 25l.

„ Newman, Walter H. supervisor of inland revenue

26 Caffrey, Mr. John, 22l.

27 Lawlor, Patrick, tailor, 22l.

28 Lunn, John, army printer, stationer, and bookbinder, 11l.

29 Kelly, Hubert, wholesale and retail tobacconist, house & land agent, 13l.

30 Lennon, William Joseph, hardware warehouse, 13l.

31 & 32 Brennan, Peter, draper, 15l., 12l.

33 North, William, vintner, 22l.

34 & 35 Missett, Joseph, vintner and tobacconist, 20l., 30l.

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