SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Lower Sackville-street to Northumberland Buildings.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

here Carlisle-bridge crosses the Liffey.

1 and 2 Lanigan, Joseph Frederick, and Co. rope and twine manufacturers, rick cover & tent mkrs. 77l.

here Harbour-court intersects

3 Bracken, James, tavern keeper, 68l.

4 Masterson, Phil. tailor & Australian outfitter, 50l.

„ Carey, Patrick, merchant tailor

„ Samson & Co. gen. commission agts.

5 Doyle, Wm. house painter, &c. 52l.

„ Forbes, James, commission agent —res. 2 Tritonville, Irishtown

Globe Parcel Express Office—Hinshelwood & Co. forwarding agts.; Robert Thomline, agent—res. 11 Upper Oriel-street

6 Hughes, Richard, military boot and shoemaker, 63l.

„ Kirwan, Jno. merch. and Ranelagh

7 Campbell and Sons, seedsmen and florists—nurseries, Church hill, Glasnevin, 62l.

„ Worrall, James, sol. and Limerick

„ Brunton, Timothy, sol. & Limerick

„ Barry, James, sol. and Limerick

„ Briggs, John, plain and ornamental painter

„ Briggs, Thomas, architect

„ Briggs, William Henry, painter and decorator

8 M'Donnell, Joseph, stationer, printer, and retailer of stamps, 68l.

„ Hodgens, Thomas, solicitor

„ Higgins, Thomas, sol. and Tuam

9 Scott, William, tavern, 68l.

10 Bogue, A. and Co. and Rich. Strahan, wine & spirit merchants, 74l.

„ Strahan, Mr. Richard

11 Carleton, Cornelius, agent for the Bristol, Glasgow, and Carlisle steam ships; also for the steam ships from Liverpool and Queenstown, Cork, to New York, and North Wall, 68l.

12 Underwood, William, nautical stationer and printer, 68l.

„ Abbott, Joseph, general commission merchant, manufacturer of vulcan cement for steam joints, fire and life insurance agent—res. 3 Tobernea-terrace, Monkstown

13 Dublin and Liverpool Screw Steam Packet Company, 66l.

„ Middleton, David, agent to the Dublin & Liverpool Screw Steam Packet Company

14 Anchor hotel and tavern, James Keely, proprietor, 65l.

here Marlborough-street intersects

15 & 16 City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.'s office; stores, North Wall—Phineas Howell, esq. sec. (see advertisement), 80l., 70l.

17 Palgrave, W. B. and C. & Co. ship and commission agents, and agents for Liverpool Underwriters' Association, 68l.

„ Palgrave, Charles, collector of city dues to the Corporation of Dublin, and consul for Belgium

Bordeaux, Charente, Cadiz, & Oporto Steam Packet Office

„ Taylor, Clement, Queen's proctor and solicitor, & Newbrook, Rathfarnham

„ Talbot, Samuel W. consul for United States of America—res. 1 Homeville, Rathmines

„ Murphy, Michael, vice-consul for United States of America, and also vice-consul for Oldenburg

18 Fleming, Thomas, bookseller, and 13 Northumberland-square, 16l.

19 A Boyd, Geo. W. & Co. commission merchants, cattle salesmen at Glasgow and Edinburgh, and Australian agents

19B Pollen, John, esq.—res. Eblana-terrace, Kingstown, 18l.

„ Pollen, A. D. emigration agency & foreign money exchange office

„ Charley, John, and Co. coal merchants, & Donegal-quay, Belfast

„ Campbell, James S. merchant—res. 6 Charlemont-avenue, Kingstown

20 Nicholl, Allen, shipping and insurance agent, agent for the Dublin, Isle of Man, and Whitehaven steam ships, the Liverpool, New York, and Philadelphia Steam Ship Co. the Montreal Ocean Steam Ship Co. the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co and Grand Canal Co.—residence, 26 Great Charles-street, 72l.

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co.—Allen Nicholl, agent

„ Renwick, John, agent for towing steamers

„ Carolin & Egan, shipping & gen. agts.

London, Falmouth, Plymouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, and Wexford Steam Ship Office—Carolin and Egan, agents

Marine Life, and Casualty Assurance Society—Carolin and Egan, agts.

Union Marine Assurance Association—Carolin & Egan, agents

East India and London Shipping Co. limited—Carolin and Egan, agents

West of Engand Bone & Manure Co.—Penryn, Cornwall, Carolin, and Egan, agents

„ Carolin, Edward, merchant, and 1 Annesley-terrace, Rathgar

„ Egan, Joshua Wm. merchant, and Rockville, Dundrum

Marley Hill Coal Company

„ Gray, W. J. commission agent

„ Gilbert, H. C. ship and insurance agent, and agent for West of England Marine Insurance Association, and Ottoman consul

„ Byrne, Richard, merchant

21 Deaker, Robt. wine merchant, and Monkstown, 72l.

„ Deaker, William, esq.—res.64 Blessington-street

„ Collins, Mathew B. A. professor of mathematics & natural philosophy

22 Lawes, J. B. chemical manure office, James Rutherford, agent; stores, Ringsend docks

„ Rutherford, Jas. agent for Lawe's superphosphate of lime, &c.—res. Park-avenue, Sandymount

„ Hill, Lieut, R.N. income tax office

„ Farrar, John, steampacket agt. 68l.

23 Murtagh, Brothers & Co. grain and flour merchants, millers, wholesale tea, wine, & spirit dealers, 65l.

„ Murtagh, John, merchant—res. 1 Rock-terrace, Dalkey

24 Tierney, John, commercial carriage and furniture van owner, 68l.

„ Tierney, Jas. furniture van owner

„ Tierney, John, jun. furniture van owner

25 Kaiser, Paul and Philip, watch manufacturers and jewellers, 68l.

„ Kaiser, Sebastian, watch dial gilder and painter, and electro plater

„ Van de Velde, J. and F. gen. commission merchants, ship brokers, and custom house agents—res. 3 Prince Arthur-ter. Rathmines

26 Chapman, W. wine and spirit merchant, 65l.

„ Mason, Patk. merchant, and Rosebank, Rathfarnham

27 Pickford and Co. general carriers, agents to London and North West, and other railway companies—Edwin Birchall, agent, 76l.

„ M'Cabe, Michael, American agent

28 Prince Alfred hotel & tavern, Peter Curran, proprietor, 74l.

28½ Reilly, P. Irish & foreign fruiterer

Northumberland Buildings.

29 Jones, Peter, and Sons, ship, corn, & flour brokers—res. 12 Amiens-st.

„ Morgan, Thomas, colliery agent—res. 152 Rathmines-road

30 Curran, Peter, ship chandler, provision mercht. and export bottler

31 Dublin & Glasgow Steam Packet Office

„ Scott, Henry and William, ship and commission insurance agents, and agents for the Guernsey Insurance Clubs and the Sunderland Clubs, and Bordeaux, Charente, & Rouen line of traders

„ Scott, William, esq. Swedish and Norwegian vice-consul, and Richmond

Northumberland Arcade.

Northumberland Buildings hotel, tavern, coffee room, baths, &c.—John C. Josephs, proprietor

32 Ellis, Samuel, esq. Government emigration office

„ Leslie, Hamilton, general emigration agent—residence, 3 Cullenswood-terrace

33 Macnish, David C. flour merchant and corn factor

„ Allison, A. M. grocer & prov. mercht.

A Pillar Letter-box

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