SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dorset-street Lower, to Royal Circus.

P. St. George.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Carroll, Daniel W. papermaker, & 44 Sackville-street, lower, 25l.

2 Verdon, Mr. John Thomas, 27l.

3 Garven, James, esq, 26l.

4 Lynch, B. esq. 27l.

5 Persse, George, esq. 27l.

6 Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Sarah, 28l.

7 Keane, John Edw. crier of Court of Exchequer, 30l.

8 Hall, John, esq. 30l.

9 Mackey, William, barrister, 37l.

„ Hayes, Nicholas P. barrister

10 Betty, John, m.d. and 113 Dorset-street, upper, 40l.

11 Owen, James H. c.e. and architect to the Board of Public Works, 60l.

12 Nolan, Captain, 32l.

13 Fallon, John, barrister, 36l.

14 Reede and Goodman, solicitors, 37l.

„ Goodman, John Fox, solicitor

„ Reede, Thos. Picton, sol. Australian and Tasmanian agent, & Mountmellick, Queen's co.

15 Walker, Joseph Cooper, esq. 50l.

16 O'Ferrell, Thomas Doran, esq. and Ninch, co. Meath, 54l.

17 Fetherston H. Steph. Radcliff, sol and clerk of the peace, co. Westmeath, & 21 Wellington-quay, 55l.

18 Neilson, James Horner, solicitor and 104 Abbey-street, middle, 50l.

19 Symes, James, solicitor, 80l.

20 Connor, John, sol.—office, 35 Cumberland-street, north, firm of Galloway and O'Connor 58l.

21 Daly, Vesey, solicitor, and clerk of the crown for the co. Donegal, 63l.

„ Plunkett, George, solicitor

„ Daly, Brabazon, solicitor

22 Barlow, Robt. Wm. John, capt. 2nd Lancashire d.l.o.r. Rifles, 66l.

23 Humfrey, Benjamin, solicitor, 60l.

24 Fitzsimon, Jas. timber mercht. 58l.

25 Burke, Walter, esq. and 93 Abbey-street, middle, 60l.

26 Harris, Wm. Wallace, barrister

27 Black, Thomas, esq. 68l.

28 Willis, Thos. esq. and 34 Ormond-quay, upper, 36l.

29 Fitzpatrick, Patrick Vincent, esq. assistant registrar of deeds, 54l.

„ Eyre, Mrs. Catherine

30 Pilsworth, Mrs. Emily, 54l.

31 Armstrong, John Strong, esq. 54l.

32 Blayney, Hugh, esq. 54l.

33 Eccles, Mrs. Susan, 54l.

34 Peebles, William, esq. 54l.

35 Haughton, James, merchant, 56l.

36 Keenan, Patrick Joseph, esq., Chief of Inspection, Board of National Education, 54l.

37 Meade, John Fulton, esq. 50l.

here Eccles-lane, Lower, intersects

38 Bellairs, Major, Dep. Adj-Gen, and Royal Hospital, 55l.

38A Dillon, Theobald, esq. 48l.

here Royal Circus intersects

Mater Misericordiae Hospital—building

39 Armstrong, Mrs. Catherine, 45l.

39½ Alcock, Rev. John, chaplain of the Bethesda, 52l.

40 Barton, Rev. Rd. rect. of St. George's and precentor of Christ church, 52l.

„ Barton, John, esq.

40A Taaffe, Miss

41 Vacant, 44l.

42 Aylward, Miss, 44l.

43 Smith, Henry, esq. 40l.

44 Moran, Miss, 38l.

45 Hall, Rev. John, Presb. Min. 36l.

46 Kingsley, Thos. H. med. student, 25l.

47 Manning, Miss, 23l.

here Nelson-street intersects

48 Browne, Mrs. 24l.

49 Bohy, William, solicitor, 22l.

50 Lyons, Timothy, solicitor, 40l.

51 Brady, Miss, 40l.

„ Twigg, John James, barrister

52 Swain, John, chief agent in Ireland for the Great Northern and Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnhire RailwayCos.—off. 7 North- wall, 36l.

53 Vacant, 65l.

54 Merriman, Michael, barrister, 64l.

55 Cullen, The Most Rev. Paul, Archbishop, & Apostolic Delegate, 75l.

„ Murray, Rev. James, secretary

56 Hamill, Arthur, barrister, 63l.

57 Adams, John, barrister, 60l.

58 Irwin, Hugh, solicitor—registrar of the Civil Bill Court, 60l.

59 and 60 Vacant, 68l., 95l.

61 Peebles, James, ll.d. barrister, 65l.

62 Wigan, Edward Lewis, gen. agent, and agent to Wm. Younger & Co. brewers, & 64 Abbey-st. mid. 63l.

63 Smith, Rbt. Wm. a.m. m.d.f.r.c.s.i.; professor of surgery, t.c.d. & surgeon to the Richmond hospital, 63l.

64 Molloy, Miss, 32l.

65 Ward, Mrs. 34l.

66 Aunger, Peter, esq. & Swords, 63l.

67 Stubbs, Rev. John Wm. f.t.c.d. and Stubton, Finglas, 64l.

68 Hall, Charles B. esq. 65l.

69 Cosgrave, Henry, esq. 45l.

„ Cosgrave, Wm. Alexander, sol.

70 Curran, Henry, surgeon, 38l.

71 Stewart, Henry H. m.d. 40l.

72 Snagg, Thomas Samuel, sol. 32l.

„ Snagg, Thomas William, esq.

73 Thompson, Robert, esq. and La Touche's bank, 28l.

74 Longan, Thomas, inspector of hay and straw markets, 30l.

75 Sargent, Wm. Johnston, esq. 30l.

76 Peebles, Mrs. 26l.

77 Farley, Miss, 25l.

80 Douglas, James, builder and contractor—res. Proby-ter. Killiney—office, 20, 21, and 22 Grenville-st.

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