Earl-street, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Sackville-street to Marlborough-st.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 14 North Dock W. 15 to 29 Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Garvie, James, confectioner, 91l.

„ Holmes, Geo. boot and shoe maker, and 10 Castle-street

2 Elvery, Robert, tobacconist and cigar importer, 29l.

„ Warren, Eleanor, wax & tal. chan.

3 Thomas, Edward, victuals, 32l.

4 Kenny, Patrick, vintner, 47l.

5 Macken, Margaret, corn and provision stores, 48l.

6 Macken, Margt. baker, and Shamrock hill, Dalkey, 33l.

7 O'Reilly, Patrick, grocer and Italian warehouse, 31l.

here Nelson-lane intersects

8 Plunket, Bernard E. coal mer. 45l.

„ Cowan, J. millinery, baby linen, & drapery, and 19 Mary-street

„ Henry, Josh. solicitor

9 Langan, Patk. dyeing warehouse—res. Laurell-hill, Artane, 47l.

10 King, Madame, general dyer, 45l.

Burnett, Wm. sculptor & executor of monuments

11 Shaw, Christopher, surgeon, apothecary, & accoucheur, m.r.c.s.e., l.a.c. director and examiner of Apothecary's Hall, 47l.

12 Jackson and Co. grocers, wine, and spirit dealers, 48l.

13 Godkin, Mrs. Anne Jane, wax and tallow chandler, 42l.

14 Calderwood and Son, gun-makers and armourers to the Lord Lieutenant, & to the constabulary, 47l.

„ Calderwood, Henry—res. Sion hill, Drumcondra

here Marlborough-street intersects

15 Gater, William, fancy bazaar, 40l.

„ M'Dermott, Mrs. Sarah

16 M'Mullen, C. confectioner, 45l.

17 Harrison, Wm. I. apothecary and medical practitioner, 45l.

18 Carroll. Mr. John, 48l.

„ M'Donald, John, delph and glass manufacturer

19 Oldham, S. & Co. chemists, druggists, and perfumers, 54l.

„ Oldham, Mr. Stanley

„ Hearn, John Bagge, a.m. solicitor, and Kinkora, Dollymount

20 Gregg, Robert, Italian wareho. 41l.

21 Doyle, Denis, victualler to the Lord Lieutenant, 47l.

22 Kearney, Henry P. cab. mak. upholst. auctioneer, & valuator, 72l.

„ Davies & Davies, surgeon dentists, and Eyre-square, Galway

23 and 24 Whitestone, W. O'C. ironmongery, brush, cutlery, saddlery, and gen. hardware establishment, and Anglesea-av. Blackrock, 82l.

„ Sedley, Charles, solicitor

„ Keys, Robert, solicitor

25 Nagle, John, wholesale and retail grocer, wine and spirit merch. 46l.

26 Curran, Peter, wholesale and retail grocer, wine & spirit mercht. 47l.

27 O'Neill, Edw. Jos. m.d., l.r.c.s.i. 56l.

28 M'Cready, Thomas, smith and bell hanger, ironmonger, tinplate worker, & brushmaker, 68l.

29 Hossbach & Doye, mer. tailors, 105l.

„ Doye, Robert, merchant tailor

„ Hossbach, Henry, merchant tailor

„ Parsons, William, jun. esq.

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