Dorset-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dominick-street, Lower, to Hardwicke-place.

P. St. George, 46 to 71, and 72 to 84. P. St. Mary, 1 to 45, and 85 to 146. 1 to 71 Rotunda W. 72 to 146 Inns-q. W.—City.

1 Enniskillen hotel—William Dunbar proprietor, 50l.

2 M'Caul, Thomas, tailor, 22l.

3 Walsh, M. tailor, 22l.

4 Lennon, Peter, tailor, 18l.

5 Kelch, John, coachmaker, 25l.

6 Tenements, 28l.

7 O'Brien, John, law agent and scriv. and gen. stamp distributer, 26l.

8 Tenements, 33l.

9 Horner, Francis, esq. 22l.

10 Lynch, Mrs. bonnetmaker, 15l.

11 Ballantine, Robert, and Son, stone and marble manufs. & chimney-piece warerooms, &c. 52l.

„ Ballantine, Mr. Sterling

12 Heron, Samuel, cabinetmaker, 33l.

13 Russell, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 21l.

14 Nevin, Thomas, corn merchant and provision stores, 30l.

15 Coal and van yard—Edwd. Spring, proprietor, 26l.

16 Wheeler, Mary, shell-fish tavern

17 Reilly, Mr. Owen, 22l.

18 Tenements, 30l.

19 Mahon, Mr. Thomas, 21l.

„ Mahon, Mrs. seminary

20 Moyles, William, coachmaker, 32l.

21 Smith, Miss, dressmaker, 20l.

22 Tenements, 18l.

here Granby-row intersects

Bethesda Chapel—Rev. John Alcock, a.m. chaplain, 39 Eccles st.; J. G. Strickland, registrar, Rotunda Hospital; Martha Cooke, matron

23 Female Orphan School

24 Ruins

25 Spring, Richard, esq. 38l.

„ Spring, James, solicitor

26 Young, Thomas, merchant, 35l.

27 Thompson, Walter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 30l.

28 Vacant, 28l.

29 Dunne, James, painter, 29l.

30 Keenan, James Clifford, esq. 29l.

„ Keenan, Miss, seminary

„ Ince, Richard C. barrister

31 O'Shaughnessy, Thomas, esq. 28l.

„ O'Hara, Francis, solicitor

32 Taylor, Mrs. Jane, 29l.

33 Mills, Mrs. 29l.

34 Dunne, Richd. cabinetmaker, 30l.

35 King, Patrick, solicitor, 24l.

„ Kelly, William, solicitor

„ Crawford, Samuel, esq.

36 Breaky, R. L. mercantile clerk, 22l.

here Frederick-lane, North, intersects

37 M'Kenna, Mr. James, 20l.

38 Geoghegan, Mrs. Anne, 20l.

39 Ward, Miss, 20l.

40 Magrath, Miss, 18l.

41 Johnston, Mr. Edward, 17l.

42 Henderson, John Q. cabinetmkr. 29l.

43 Hughes, Miss, delph shop, 30l.

44 Harrison, Chas. m.d., apothecary and accoucheur, 20l.

45 James, Mrs. provision dealer, 20l.

here Frederick-street, North, intersects.

46 Vacant, 35l.

47 Donoughy, Atkinson, drapery and millinery warehouse, 28l.

48 Carroll, Edward, victualler, 20l.

49 Hickey, Mrs. provision dealer, 20l.

50 Burke, Joseph, provision dealer, 22l.

51 Redmond, Mr. David, 22l.

52 Quinn, Wm. house painter, 32l.

53 Hughes, John, draper, 25l.

54 Montgomery, Mrs. 25l.

55 Montgomery, John, tailor, 11l.

56 Dowling, Richard, prov. dlr. 10l.

57 Delany, John, baker, 32l.

58 Mostyn, Thomas, m.d. 27l.

59 to 61 Tenements, 26l., 27l., 23l.

62 Lawless, Miss, 28l.

63 Bean, John, draper, 21l.

64 Fagan, Michael, chandler, 20l.

65 to 67 Baker, Saml. general grocer, Italian and provision warehouse, 22l., 28l., 30l.

„ Baker, Samuel, merchant, and Elmview, Clontarf

here Hardwicke-lane intersects

68 M'Keon, E. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 24l.

69 Kavanagh, James, prov. dealer, 23l.

70 Byrne, Murtha, provision dlr. 30l.

71 Wren, Andrew, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 38l.

here Hardwicke-pl. & Eccles-st. intersect.

72 Fox and Hanrahan, family grocers and wine merchants and Sandymount-green, 33l.

„ Fox, James, tea and wine merch.

73 M'Dowell, Mrs. provision dlr. 8l.

74 M'Nally, Patrick, victualler, 15l.

75 Ball, The Misses, 33l.

76 Duffy, Mrs. Anne, 36l.

„ Duffy, Edw. corn merchant & boat owner, and R. Canal Harbour

„ Duffy, Tho. esq. & R. Canal Harbour

77 Presbyterian Female Orphan School, 35l.

78 Young, John, esq. 21l.

79 Dunne, Teresa, soap boiler & tallow chandler, & 1 Eccles-lane, 30l.

80 Scarlett, John, grocer, &c. 32l.

here Eccles-lane, Upper, intersects

81 Hogan, Mr. Patrick, 20l.

82 to 84 Tenements, 16l.

here White's-lane intersects

85 Duggan, Mr. Robert, clerk, 24l.

86 Casey, Mrs. 28l.

87 Thompson, Robert A. sol. & office 53 Rutland-square, west, 31l.

88 Sherrard, David Henry, land agent, & Thorndale, Goose-green-avenue, Drumcondra, 37l.

89 Meyler, John, solicitor, 33l.

90 Dillon, Luke, coal merchant, and 5 Trinity-street, 32l.

91 Tyrrell, Mrs. Mary Anne, 35l.

92 St. George, Henry, L. esq. 35l.

93 Montgomery, Rbt. surg. apoth. 30l.

here Blessington-street intersects

94 Delany, Patrick, victualler, 37l.

„ Duffy, Anthony, house, land, and American agent, 28l.

95 Macken, Thomas, baker, 35l.

96 Tenements, 27l.

97 Brindley, Mr. James, 28l.

98 Brennan, William, soap & candle manufacturer, 24l.

99 Hand, Matthew, vintner, 20l.

here Wellington-street intersects

100 M'Cann, Joseph, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 35l.

101 Tenements, 27l.

102 Fitzpatrick, John, corn factor, 28l.

103 Collier, John Keshan, grocer and vintner, 28l.

104 Carroll, Joseph, builder, 30l.

105 Tynan, Patrick, pawnbkr. 27l.

106 Might, Mrs. Eliza, confectioner, 30l.

107 Stephenson, Henry, esq. 33l.

„ Hardy, Jacob, esq.

108 Gunning, Mr. Edward, 28l.

109 Brennan, Anne, baker, and Goose-green, Drumcondra, 34l.

110 Dillon, Mr. Charles, 30l.

111 O'Brien, John, esq. 30l.

„ O'Brien, John Cruise, esq.

„ Bridgeman, Joseph, c.e. surveyor and valuator

112 Fairbrother, Edward, grocer, 50l.

113 Meehan, Joseph, hairdresser, 35l.

114 Tenements, 30l.

115 Donnelly, David, hairdresser, 20l.

116 Tenements, 27l.

117 Murphy, Mr. William P. 33l.

118 Murren, Mrs. 18l.

119 Kearns, Thomas, hairdresser, 24l.

120 O'Meara, Francis, printer, 18l.

121 Jackson and Co.'s grocery and prov. stores, 12 Nth. Earl-st. 30l.

here Mary's-place intersects

122 Tenements, 35l.

123 Higgins, Patrick, pawnbroker, 44l.

here King's-lane intersects

124 Hepenstall, Stephen, coachmkr. 30l.

125 Coleman, John, baker, 21l.

126 Ballantine, Alex. steam power stone & marble works, & chimney-piece warerms. monuments, &c. 28l.

127 Doyle, Michael, dairy, 22l.

here Branagan's-court intersects

128 Kelly, Thomas, prov. dealer, 15l.

here Windsor-court intersects

129 Gilligan, Patrick, dairy, 25l.

130 Fottrell, James, locksmith and bellhanger, 13l.

here Butler 's-court intersects

131 and 132 Tenements, 13l., 16l.

133 Barlow, Mrs. grocer, 22l.

here Pender's-court intersects.

134 Tenements, 18l.

135 Ryan, John P. bar wig maker, 26l.

136 Holmes, Charles, m.d. and apothecary, 26l.

137 M'Quillan, John, prov. dealer, 20l.

138 Pettigrew, Miss, 22l.

139 Ballantine, Alex. steam power stone & marble works, and chimney-piece warerooms, 45l.

140 Henry, Peter J. bootmaker, 25l.

141 Kenny, Patrick, pump maker, 22l.

142 Tenements, 22l.

143 Campbell, Mrs. prov. dealer, 22l.

144 & 145 Moore, Christopher, grocer and wine merchant, 50l.

146 Doran, Edward, grocer, 22l.

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