Dorset-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862


Inns-quay W.

A Pillar Letter-box at the Canal-bridge.

1 Savage, Mrs. 20l.

2 O'Connor, Dillon, land & assurance agt.—office, 21 Bachelor's-wk. 24l.

3 Law, Mr. Edward, 22l.

4 Shields, William, draper, 23l.

5 Scanlan, Mrs. Mary, 20l.

6 Ryder, William, draper, 18l.

7 Bell, James, esq. 21l.

8 Carpenter, Mrs. B. M. 21l.

Schools of St. Francis Xavier—Bridget Cassidy, teacher

*1A M'Cann, Michl. vintner, Big Tree tavern

*2B Brady, Lawr. grocer & spirit dlr.

*3 Breen, James, family grocer

Daly, Michael, horse-shoer

The St. Xavier Female and Infant National Schools—Patron and Manager, Rev. John Gaffney, s.j. Gardiner-street, upper

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