Dominick-street, lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Great Britain-st. to Dorset-st. Up.

P. St. Mary.—Rotunda W.

1 O'Reilly, Chas. m.d. l.k. & q.c.p.i. 42l.

2 Macnamara, Dillon Richd. solicitor and proctor 46l.

„ Wybrants, Richard Harrison, solr. and attorney

3 M'Mahon, Bernard, Royal Albert hotel, 46l.

4 M'Mahon, Bernard, wine importer, home and foreign spirit dealer, 65l.

5 Macnamara, Michael, solr. 50l.

6 Figgis, John S. accountant, 55l.

„ Ingoldsby, M'Mahon and Co. tea importers

7 Falls, Henry, solicitor, 63l.

8 Norton, Patk. R. esq. and 65 Abbey-street, middle, 44l.

9 Armstrong, Richard, q.c. Third Serjeant-at-law, 50l.

10 Carmichael, Geo. solicitor 52l.

11 Barry, Jas. Redmond, j.p. and Commissioner of Irish Fisheries, 47l.

12 Mathews, Jehu, solicitor, 42l.

13 Leinster, His Grace the Duke of, and Carton, Maynooth, 60l.

14 Farrelly, Miss Sophia, 38l.

„ Hartford, John Pierse, solicitor

15 Armstrong, John Tew, solicitor and agent to the European Insurance, London, 63l.

16 Barry, John Edmond, merchant, and 65 Abbey-street, middle, 48l.

17 O'Farrell, Matthew, merchant, 48l.

18 Fottrell, Geo. D. solicitor—offices, 46 Fleet-street, 58l.

19 Crozier, Thomas, & Son, solicitors, and Banbridge, co. Down, 56l.

„ Crozier, Thos. solicitor, & examiner for Court Queen's Bench, Seafield, co. Dublin, and Banbridge, Co. Down

„ Crozier, Thos. F. solicitor, and Seafield, co. Dublin

20 St. Mary's Parochial School—James N. Farquhar, master, 85l.

21 M'Mahon, Peter, flour merchant—offices and stores, 26 & 27 Lotts, 50l.

„ M'Mahon, P. F. esq. consul for Honduras

22 Curran, John Adye, barrister, and Crofton house, Kingstown, 48l.

„ Curran, John Adye, jun. barrister

23 Grier and Brereton, solicitors, 48l.

„ Grier, Thomas, solicitor

„ Brereton, Joshua, solicitor, 13 Harcourt-street, and Monta Vesta, Dalkey

24 Cantwell, John Macnamara, solr. law agent for the boroughs of Drogheda, Kells, Ardee, and the Alliance and Dublin Consumers' Gas Co. &c. and Irish solicitor to the Atlantic Steam Royal Mail Navigation Co. Galway line, 50l.

25 St. Saviour's chapel-house

R.C. Church of St. Saviour

29 Bannan, Geo. scriv. & law agt.14l.

30 D'Arcy, John, sculptor 23l.

here Dorset-st. Upper & Bolton-st. intersect.

31 Sheekey, Mr. John, late g.p.o. 13l.

„ Kennedy, Mrs. Anne, governess

32 Nangle, Mr. Bernard, 14l.

33 Walsh, James, house and land agt.

34 Sanderson, Fredk. coachbuilder, 52l.

35 Tracy and Nagle, solicitors, 28l.

„ Nagle, David A. solicitor, and South Mall, Cork

„ Creagh, Phil. Wm. sol. & Mallow

„ Tracy, Josh. Edw. solicitor, & Cork

„ Fuller, Ralph, solicitor

„ Malone, Edmond, solicitor

„ Giltrap, James J. law agent

„ Sheehy, Roger, solicitor, and Cork

36 Macintosh, Mrs. E. 38l.

37 Croker, Thomas, crown solicitor, co. Leitrim, Car.-on-Shannon, and Beech Lawn, Templeogue 40l.

38 Dollard, Mrs. 42l.

39 Hamilton, Nath. Alex. solicitor, 54l.

40 Hamilton, Charles W. esq. j.p. Co. Meath, and Hamwood, Dunboyne, 56l.

41 Carmelite Seminary, 75l.

42 Auchinleck, Mrs. 48l.

„ Auchinleck, Hugh, esq.

43 Allen, William, barrister, 43l.

44 Roche, Martin, esq. 44l.

45 Armstrong, John, barrister, 48l.

46 Hazlett, John, solicitor, general solicitor for minors and lunatics

„ King, Charles L. esq.

47 Rogers, W. T. sol. to the Guardians of the S. Dublin Union, and agent to the Patriotic Insurance Co.—res. 51 Mulgrave-street, Kingstown, 40l.

48 Moffett, Aaron, esq. 40l.

„ Fennell, Miss Susanna

49 Elwood, John, clerk, 40l.

here lane to King's Inns-street intersects

50 Cusack, Finlay William, land agt. & 5 St. James's-ter. Malahide, 36l.

51 Vacant, 25l.

52 Greene, Clarges, and Son, surveyors and valuators of estates, 42l.

„ Greene, Wm. Henry, esq.

53 Coffey, David, solicitor, 42l.

Office of the Athenry, Ennis, and Tuam Junction Railway Cos.

54 Coffey, James Charles, barrister, chairman of quarter sessions, co. Westmeath, and legal assessor for the borough of Dublin, 44l.

55 Parsons, Richd. Jno. solicitor, 42l.

„ O'Reilly, John, c.e. land surveyor, and valuator

56 Minchin, Humphrey, m.b., f.r.c.s.i. physician to the North Union Hospital for children, Glasnevin, and lecturer on anatomy in Steevens' Hospital, 40l.

57 Vacant, 42l.

58 Symes, Sandham, architect, 40l.

59 Lyons, D. sol. & Ballinasloe, 38l.

„ Johnstone, Samuel Y. barrister

„ Tucker, Edward, solicitor

„ Browne, Robert, solicitor

„ Browne, Arthur, solicitor

60 Thorp, John, solicitor, 38l.

„ Thorp, Chas. sol. & Bagnalstown

61 Vacant, 30l.

62 Ford & Doherty, Messrs. solrs. 34l.

„ Ford, William, attorney and land agent, and Kilcairne, Navan

„ Doherty, John, solicitor

63 Cook, Henry, artist, 27l.

„ Cook, John Isaac, tutor

64 Reddick, Geo. sol. & Drogheda, 26l.

„ Reynolds, John G. sol. & Ballymote

„ Johnston, Arthur, sol. & Dundalk

„ Lowe, George H. and Kilkenny

„ Mulhall, Christr. F. solicitor, and Elm cliff, Blackrock

„ Alexander, Arth. solr. and Galway

65 Moore, Jas. printer & stationer, 32l.

66 Scanlan, Christopher, tobacconist

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