SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Church-street to Queen-street.

P. St. Michan, 1 to 20. P. St. Paul, 21 to 43.—Arran-quay W.—City.

here Whitworth-bridge crosses the Liffey.

1 Hall, William, vintner, 40l.

2 Woods, Mary, linendraper, 28l.

3 Hackett, Cath. confectioner, 18l.

4 Fegan, George, painter, glass, oil, and colour warehouse, and Lodge Park, Conyngham road, 28l.

5 Maher, Edward J. boot maker, 13l.

6 Corbett, Mrs. M. commer. hotel, 13l.

7 Vacant, 11l.

8 Berry, Joseph, and Sons, seedsmen, 178 Church-street, and 2 and 26 Phœnix-street, 45l.

„ Berry, John, esq.

9 Staunton, Jos. boot & shoemak. 20l.

10 Knowles, Peter, victualler, 22l.

11 Kane, C. and A. milliners and dressmakers

12 Bradshaw, Mrs. Jane, confect. 30l.

13 Boyd, Geo. F. tea & wine merct. 27l.

„ Ruttle, Michael John, solicitor, and 3 Glentworth-street, Limerick

„ Ryan, John, solicitor, and Glentworth-street, Limerick

14 Long, Robert, fishing tackle manuf. and gunpowder merchant, 22l.

„ M'Corkell, Arthur, solicitor

„ Kinder, Robert Frederick, esq.

15 and 16 Heather, George, linendraper, 22l., 26l.

17 Parkinson, John, gunmaker and powder vendor, 21l.

„ Parkinson, Robert, esq. accountant's department, g.p.o.

18 Scally, Mary, grocer, & 165 Church-street, 21l.

here Lincoln-lane intersects

St. Paul's Rom. Catholic Church—For Presbytery, see Lincoln-lane

19 and 20 Attached to the R. C. church, 22l., 30l.

21 Henry, Miss Amelia, 30l.

22 Reynolds, Bernard, veterinary surgeon, 35l.

23 Reynolds, Laurence, alderman, 45l.

24 Wallis and Bryson, cattle salesmen, and 10, 11, & 12 Smithfield, 45l.

25 Bull, John, salesmaster, corn and wool factor, and 4 Smithfield, 40l.

26 Vacant, 40l.

27 Smyth, Laurence, soda water manufac. and private lodging ho. 40l.

„ Eivers and Rispin, salesmasters

28 Flood and Tormey, corn, hay, and potato factors, 37l.

„ Flood, James, factor

„ Tormey, Peter, factor

29 Gerrard, Mr. Robert, 27l.

30 Tenements, 24l.

31 Childs, Alex., carver and gilder to the Lord Lieutenant, 27l.

here Arran-street, West, intersects

32 Murray, James, fishing tackle manufact. and gunpowder merch. 30l.

33 M'Dermott, Edw. & Co. wholesale druggists, chemists, and perfumers, and 1 Cowley-place, 32l.

„ M'Dermott, Mr. John

„ M'Dermott, Mr. J. E.

34 Walsh, James, saddler, 25l.

35 Freeman, James, esq. 36l.

36 Fallon, Jas. tea and wine mer. 50l.

37 Frazer, William, and Sons, army printers and stationers, 25l.

38 Shannon, Isaac, Manchester and Scotch warehouse, & 108 & 109 Thomas-street, 44l.

39 Dunne, Patrick, grocer, 30l.

40 Boshell, Chr. Edwd. tavern keeper, cigar importer, & weighmaster to Corporation, 25l.

41 Holloway, Joseph, baker, 27l.

42 O'Callaghan & Co. bakers, 27l.

43 Gardiner, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 32l.

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