SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Holies-street to Hamilton-row.

P. St. Peter, 1 to 25. P. St. Mark, North side, 26 to 54.—1 to 47 Trinity W.— 48 to 54 South Dock W.—City.

1 Kirwan, John, provision dealer, 13l.

2 Hogarty, Patk. victualler, 20l.

3 Fagan, Francis, baker, 13l.

4 M'Cann, Denis, dairy, 13l.

5 Kennedy, Sarah, dressmaker, 12l.

6 Bryan, William, victualler, 8l.

7 Brownrigg, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 30l.

7A Byrne, Simon, victualler

8 Summers, John, & Co. bakers and butter merchants, 24l.

9 Hanlon, Thomas, esq. 26l.

10 Martin, Nicholas, stationer, 28l.

11 Smyth, Mr. Robert, 28l.

12 Clarke, James, gas fitter, 28l.

13 Tenements, 25l.

14 Proctor, Mrs. 27l.

15 Tenements, 26l.

16 Fennell, P. pawnbroker, 50l.

17 Mooney, Mr. John Wm. 26l.

18 Kinahan & Co.'s strs.& wine vlts. 35l.

19 Cuddy, Mr. C. H. 20l.

20 Sherwood, Joseph, draper, 24l.

21 & 22 Fetherstone, William, carpenter and builder, 10l.

23 Clarke, James, builder, 22l.

24 Conner, Jane, provision dealer, 20l.

25 Reilly, Hugh, vintner, & 59 Sandwith-street, 24l.

here Hamilton-row intersects

26 Beahan, Patrick, paper hanger, painter, and glazier, 27l.

27 Cooper, Mrs. 27l.

28 Byrne, Mr. George, 17l.

29 Kenny, James, job car owner, and funeral establishment, 30l.

30 Doyle, Andw. carpenter & build. 20l.

31 Byrne, John, dairy, 20l.

32 Dalton & Son, William, plumbers, brass founders, & gas fitters, 40l.

„ Mulhall, John B. solicitor, and Erin lodge, Carlow

„ Kelly, Henry C. solicitor, & Emily-square, Athy

33 and 34 Tenements,

35 Lee, Samuel, bookbinder, 26l.

36 Tenements, 13l.

37 Byrne, John, provision dealer, 26l.

here Bass-place intersects

38 Carr, William, grocer and provision dealer, and coal factor, 18l.

39 Houston, Mrs. Mary, 18l.

40 Stafford, J. grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 30l.

41 May, Miss E. dressmaker, 26l.

42 Kaentzock, Mr. John, 24l.

43 Benson, Mrs. Ellen, 26l.

44 Croker, Mrs. 23l.

45 Macken, Mr. Edward, 25l.

46 Duncan, Mr. Joseph A. 19l.

47 Vacant, 20l.

here Sandwith-street intersects

48 Gibney, Patrick, grocer and spirit merchant, 18l.

„ Gibney & Loury, bottling stores

49 Waller and Beggs, coal merchants, undertakers, hearse and job coach proprietors, and general carriers, and 43 Sandwith-street, 30l., 20l.

50 Waller, A. of the firm of Waller & Beggs

51 Nowlan, Eliz. straw bonnet mak. 20l.

52 O'Grady, Henry, confectioner, and fancy baker, 20l.

53 Harris, Patrick, soap, wax, and candle manufacturer, 22l.

54 Vacant, 27l.

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