Denmark-street, Little

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Henry-street to Gt. Britain-street.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 to 5 Tenements, 5l. to 22l.

6 O'Toole, Daniel, vintner

7 and 8 Tenements, 12l., 16l.

9 and 11 Nugent, D. coach builder—resid. Killester Abbey, Raheny, 80l.

10 and 12 Tenements, 15l., 5l. 10s.

here Denmark-place intersects

13 M'Donnell, Michael, grocer, 9l.

14 M'Cann, Michael, boot maker, 18l.

15 and 16 Tenements, 17l., 13l.

here Beatty's-court intersects

here Rotunda-market intersects

17 Powell, John, grocer & spirit dl. 15l.

18 Graham, James Jos. cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and builder, 25l.

here Taaffe's-row intersects

19 to 21 Tenements, 7l., 3l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

22 Sault, William M. tailor, 16l.

23 to 26 Tenements, 15l. to 16l.

27 M'Donnell, Thomas, and Co. oil and colour mercs. & dry salters, 38l.

„ Roe, Peter, druggist

„ M'Donnell, James, druggist

„ Moss, Henry, druggist

28 Widows' Alms-house

29 Tenements, 17l.

30 M'Connell, T. broker, 18l.

31 Bridgeman, Thomas, turner, 20l.

32 Donnelly, A. and Co. tea, wine, and seed merchants, 24l.

„ Cannon, Bd. tea, wine, and seed merchant

33 Tenements, 18l.

Catholic Hall, 30l.

here Chapel-lane intersects

34 and 35 Tenements, 18l. 12l.

36 Beating, Patrick, broker, 12l.

37 to 40 Tenements, 4l. to 16l.

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