Denmark-street, Great

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner's-row to Temple-street.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box corner of Upper Temple-street.

1 Lentaigne, John, esq. m.d. Director of Convict Prisons in Ireland, and Comm. of National Education, 72l.

2 Molloy, J. esq. j.p. c.d. & Macabe castle, co. Kildare, 68l.

3 Graham, Miss, 74l.

4 Law, Hugh, barrister, q.c. 74l.

5 Morrogh, Leonard, solicitor 85l.

6 College of Saint Francis Xavier, 125l.

Seaver, Rev. Matthew, s.j.

Murphy, Rev. Alfred, s.j.

Kelly, Rev. Thomas, s.j.

O'Neill, Rev. John, s.j.

Norton, Rev. John, s.j.

Burke, Rev. Wm. s.j.

Rochford, Rev. Richard, s.j.

7 Ellis, Arthur, sol. and Ardee, 75l.

8 Law, Mrs. Sarah, 75l.

9 Madden, Richd. Robert, sec. Loan Fund Board, Dublin Castle, 62l.

„ Madden, Thos. More, esq. m.d. surgeon

10 Vacant, 58l.

11 Hunter, John, barrister, 65l.

„ Hunter, John R. a.b. m.d. l.r.c.s.i.

12 & 13 Blake, Robert, tea and wine merchant, and 31 Temple-st. up. valued in Temple-st. upper, 42l.

„ Harty, William, barrister

14 Denehy, Thomas, coach builder—factory, Lower Temple-street, 50l.

„ Mills, R. H. barrister

„ Hall, Henry, builder

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