De Grey-terrace

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Haddington road.

P. St. Peter.—County.

Beyond Municipal boundary.

1 Bookey, The Misses 26l.

„ Brownrigg, Mrs. Margaret

2 Robinson, A. H. esq. 28l.

3 Evans, Henry, esq. 26l.

4 Keough, John H. esq. 26l.

5 Riky, George F. esq. g.p.o. 26l.

6 Hughes, Mrs. 26l.

7 Webster, Michael, esq. 33l.

8 Stack, Miss, 33l.

9 Adams, Maj. Henry B. district paymaster of Dublin recruiting district—office, Aldboro' house, 33l.

10 Higginbotham, Lieut-Colonel, 33l.

11 M'Creedy, William, esq. chief of inspection, Board of Education, 23l.

12 Smith, Rev. Patrick, c.c. 23l.

13 Vacant, 24l.

14 Middleton, Mrs. Mary Anne, 24l.

15 Huthwaite, Thomas B. esq. 24l.

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