SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Nassau-street to Stephen's-green, N.

P. St. Anne.—1 to 17 & 24 to 66 Royal Exchange W. 18 to 23 Mansion-house W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box opposite No. 17.

1 Morrison's hotel—John Dunn, proprietor, and Esker house, Rathmines, 300l.

2 Firmin and Sons, button and military ornament manufacturers, sword cutlers, lacemen, & wholesale trimming warehousemen, 100l.

„ Hussey, Mr. S.

3 Richardson, W. H. and Co. military and merchant tailors, drapers, army and navy clothiers, to the Lord Lieut. at 36 Conduit-street, London, & 101 George's-st. Edinburgh, 68l.

„ Richardson, Mr. W. H.

4 Conan, Joseph, draper and clothier, 75l.

5 Palmer, Thos. breeches maker, 75l.

„ Litton, Edward Thomas, solicitor, —res. 10 Wellington-road

„ Litton, John, sol.—res. 26 Leeson-street

6 Nunn and Jones, solicitors, 80l.

„ Nunn, John Henry, sol. & law agent to Trin. College, & 9 Wellington-rd.

„ Jones, William Milward, sol. and Albert lodge, Monkstown

„ Pollock, Edward, solicitor, & Sligo

„ Meyers, John, woollen draper and clothier

7 Gatchell, Robt. G. furnishing ironmongery warehouse, and beam and scale manufacturer, 148l.

8 Gyles, Rev. Walter, 113l.

9 Trulock and Harriss, gun & pistol makers, 93l.

10 Maguire, John, ironmonger, cutler, brushmaker, bellhanger, and locksmith; plumber and gasfitter, 80l.

11 Moir & Ritchie, merch. tailors, 40l.

„ Baker, Lady, 40l.

12 Macken's hotel—James Fuller, proprietor, 200l.

here Dawson-lane intersects

13 Nolan, Mary Anne, grocery, tea, wine, and spirit establishment, 70l.

14 Boake, William, and Son, linen-drapers, blanket and flannel warehouse, and shirtmakers, 85l.

15 West, Thomas, china hall, lamp, oil, and glass warehouse, earthenware importer, & gas fitter, 100l.

16 Jones, George, merchant tailor to His Excellency the Earl of Carlisle, 84l.

„ Ryding, William, dental surgeon

17 Worn, Richard, perfumer and hair-cutter, and E. Square, Curragh Camp, 50l.

here Molesworth-street intersects

18 Dumas, Victor, French corsetmk. 35l.

St. Anne's Church—Rev. Hercules H. Dickinson, vicar; Andrew M'Killop, clerk

19 Royal Irish Academy—Edward Clibborn, assistant secretary, 200l.

Mayoralty House—The Right Hon. Denis Moylan, Lord Mayor, 175l.

Office of Secretary to Lord Mayor

20 Carthy, George, military and merchant tailor, 65l.

21 Brodrick, Mrs. 46l.

„ Brannack, M. military and merchant tailor and ladies' habit maker—res. Cricket-ground cottage, Sandymount

22 Steele, Mrs. Charlotte, milliner and dressmaker, 36l.

23 M'Crea, Mrs. E. dressmaker, 38l.

„ M'Crea, Edward, wholesale shirt & collar manuf. & 51 William-st.

„ Hobson, Samuel, solicitor—office, 26 Ormond-quay, lower

„ Robertson, Wm. circulating library, and bookseller, and 35 Sackville-street, lower

here Stephen's-green, North, intersects.

24 Moran, Matthew, shirtmaker, outfitter, and glover, & 13 Stephen's-green, north

25 Gahan, John, vintner, 24l.

26 Morrison, John, saddler & harness-maker, 16l.

27 English, Andrew, scrivener, stationer, and public accountant, 11l.

27½ Cowley, Anne, home and foreign fruit warehouse

28 Mills, Robert, saddler, 28l.

29 Lennon, Wm. saddler and harness manuf. to Her Majesty, The Prince Consort, and the Lord Lieut. 42l.

30 Doyle, Miss Teresa, 38l.

31 Jordan, Wm. H. and Son, ladies' bootmaker, 38l.

32 Alcock, Mrs. court milliner and silk mercer, 36l.

Additional Curates' Fund Society for Ireland—Rev. Hen. V. White, sec.

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Clergy Widows' Fund Society

Clergy Sons' Education Society

British Beneficent Institution—Rev. Vere White, secretary

32½ Garrard, Abraham, veterinary sur.

33 Mara, Miss Theresa, 60l.

34 Smith, Anne, milliner and court dress warerooms, 70l.

35 Morgan, Francis, solicitor, and law agent to the Corporation of the city of Dublin, and Board of Superintendence of City Prisons, 80l.

„ Morgan, Francis and Edmund, solicitors and land agents

„ Morgan, Edmund, solicitor—res. 5 Granby-row

Board of Superintendence of Dublin Hospitals, under 19 & 20 Vic. c. 110—Lord Talbot de Malahide, chairman; Denis Phelan, esq. sec.

Medical Council for Ireland—Wm. Edward Steele, m.d. registrar

36 Vacant, 68l.

37 Association for promoting the knowledge of the Christian Religion—Rev. D. Aug. Browne, assistant secretary, 100l.

38 Grady, Robert E. coach buildr. 88l.

39 L'Estrange, Francis, a.m. f.r.c.s.i. l.k. & q.c.p. & m.r.i.a. state surgeon dentist, & Landowr, Raglan-road, 86l.

„ L'Estrange, Francis, m.d. Landowr, Raglan-road

40 Russell, Edward, silk mercer, 90l.

„ Russell, Mrs. J. court milliner and dressmaker to Her Majesty

41 Oldham, Mrs. J. R. French stay & corset warehouse, 70l.

„ Oldham, Mr. Joseph R.

42 Batchelor, Mrs. M. late Hinds, dress warerooms, 46l.

43 Mettam, John, architect, 42l.

„ Mettam, Mrs. late Miss Smith, dress warerooms,

44 Manjon, Madame, milliner and dressmaker 44l.

„ Manjon, James Wm. chiropodist

„ Gresson and Clarke, solicitors

„ Gresson, Geo., solicitor, and Glencairn, Sandyford

„ Clarke, James T. solicitor, and Hermitage, Blackrock

„ Pim & Russell, agents to the Crown Life Assurance Co. and Imperial Fire Insurance Co.

here Anne-street, South, intersects

45 M'Kenna, James, saddler and harness maker, 52l.

46 Keegan, Mrs. dress, & court dress warerooms, 40l.

47 Torkington, Arthur, auctioneer, undertaker, valuator, and upholstery warerooms, 85l.

48 Hibernian hotel—George Nesbitt, proprietor, and Whitehall, Carysfort-avenue, Blackrock, 307l.

49 Craven & Nicholls, apothecaries, 75l.

„ Nicholls, John, apothecary, and Boiroihme-lodge, Clontarf

„ Nicholls, Edward C. apothecary, a.b., m.b., l.r.c.s.e.

„ Nicholls, Charles, portrait painter, A.r.h.a.

50 Johnstone, J. B. military and merchant tailor, and 34, Sackville-street, London, 70l.

„ White, Samuel U. Mr.

51 Sexton, Robt. tailor and military outfitter, 145l.

51A Tuthill's hotel—Jas. Tuthill, prop.

here Duke-street intersects

52 Carroll, Thos. hotel and tavern, 45l.

53 Fielding, Henry, esq. 42l.

54 M'Mullin, Bartholomew, saddler and harness maker, 85l.

„ Altazin, Madame, magazine de modes, fleures, coiffleures

55 Buckmaster, William, & Co. tailors and army clothiers, and 3 New Burlington-street, London, 95l.

„ Malyn, Mr. Stephen

56 Samuelson, Elias, military & merchant tailor to the Lord Lieut. 52l.

„ Maunsell, Robert and John, solicitors

„ Maunsell, John, solicitor, & Rockmount, Dundrum

„ Maunsell, Robert, solicitor, and Lakelands, Dundrum

57 Gibson, William, 58l.

58 Drummond, Wm. & Sons, seedsmen, and agricultural implement warehouse, 90l.

59 Hennessy, Wm. accountant, 95l.

60 Cane, Edwd. esq. j.p. and St. Wolstan's Abbey, Celbridge, 100l.

„ Cane, Rich. & Sons, army agents,

„ Cane, Edward, esq. j.p.—res. St. Wolstan's abbey, Celbridge

61 Hayes, Elizabeth, law stationer, heraldic engraver, die sinker, account-book manufacturer, stamp retailer, & parchment dealer, 75l.

„ Hayes, Edwin T. C. solicitor

„ Hayes, Stanley Hamilton, esq.

„ Billing, Theobald, solicitor, and 41 Mount-street, upper

„ Billing, Theobald, jun. solicitor, & 41 Mount-street, upper

„ Wrensfordsly, Joseph, esq. and 6 Sussex-parade, Kingstown

„ Morris, M. George, solicitor

62 Keogh, Mathias, draper and clothier, 80l.

„ Keogh, Mrs. millinery and dress warerooms

„ Thornton, James, civil engineer and architect and survey office, Quinsborough road, Bray

63 Hume, Arthur, esq. 110l.

64 Brophy, Patrick, state dentist, 64l.

65 Hudson, Samuel, saddler, whip and portmanteau manufacturer, to the Lord Lieutenant, 65l.

66 Garvie, Miss Anna, drapery, dress, and mantle warerooms, 58l.

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