SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Exchange-court to Trinity-street.

P. St. Andrew, 4 to 78. P. St. Werburgh, 1 to 3 and 79 to 82.—1 to 22, Royal Exchange W. 23 to 82, South City W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box corner of Palace-street.

1 Lea, Andrew, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, importer of foreign tobacco, snuff, cigars, &c. 65l.

2 Flood, Fred. L. sol. & proctor, agent to the Promoter Life Assurance & Annuity Co. of London, and for the District Fire Insurance Co. of Birmingham, 58l.

The Irish Advertiser and Farm List, and Dublin City Circular Office

Patent Agency Office, and Designs Registration Agency Office—F. L. Flood, agent

„ Cremen, John, solicitor, & 69 South Mall, Cork

„ Franklin, Benjamin, solicitor, and 62 South Mall, Cork

„ Johnson, Richard L. gas engineer and contractor

„ Smith, Fredk. Wm. estate, land, and gen. agent, and agent to the Provincial Welsh Insurance Company, Wrexham

„ M'Kittrick, John, law agent

„ Parker, Richard N. solicitor, and 11 South Mall, Cork

„ Parker, William D. solicitor, and Passage, West, Cork

„ Gamble, Michael, solicitor, and 3 South Mall, Cork

„ Morrison, Wm. Beamish A. solicitor, and 77 South Mall, Cork

3 Perry, Messrs. P. and L. and Co. patent medicine warehouse—Alexander Miller, agent

„ Bestick, Arthur, gen. commission agent—res. 41 Longwood-avenue

„ Cuthbert, Robert L. solicitor, and Mander's-terrace, Ranelagh

„ Miller, Alexander, agent

„ Toovey, and Co. agents

4 Barnardo, John Michaelis, wholes. furrier to the Lord Lieutenant and Irish court, 72l.

5 Wright and Buchanan, agents to the Caledonian Fire and Life, and the Accidental Death Insurance Companies (see advertisement), 64l.

„ Wright, James F. land agent—res. 30 Rathmines-road

5 Buchanan, Charles Todd, Government stock and share broker, and 3 Burlington-place

„ Wright, Joseph Owen, sol. and Baltinglass

„ Fitzsimons, Meredith, solicitor, and Enniscorthy

„ Pounder, Festus, sol. and Enniscorthy

Hibernian Mine Company—James F. Wright, secretary

6 Bewley, Sl. & Co. tea & coffee dealers—stores, 20 Sycamore-alley, 110l.

here Palace-street intersects

7 Gilham, Charles and Joseph, hat manufacturers, 105l.

8 Cuttiford, Wm. London, Birmingham, and Sheffield general fancy warehouse, 85l.

9 Shannon and Co. wholesale stationers, printers, & lithographers, 38l.

„ Shannon, Cornelius Peter, Belfield-lodge, Dundrum

„ Shannon, Peter O'C. Belfield-lodge, Dundrum

„ Nealon, Christr. wholesale confectioner, and 25 Upper Sackville-st.

„ Dollard, Joseph, account-book manufacturer, letterpress, lithograph, & copperplate printer, 47l.

„ Hastings, Francis Joseph, solicitor

„ O'Hara, Chas. solicitor, & Westport

„ Daly, Bernard J. sol. & Ballindine

Ulster Chambers (see that head)

10 Edmondson, Brothers, seed merchants, & agricultural implement warehouse, 95l.

„ Edmondson, John

„ Edmondson, J. B. railway ticket printer—office entrance, Dame-lane—res. 3 Middle Synge-street

11 Vacant, 105l.

12 Kavanagh, Wm. & James, gun and pistol manufs. & gunpowder merchants—factory, Dame-lane, 96l.

„ Keogh, George, solicitor, sessional crown solicitor for county Meath, and 2 Fitzwilliam-street. upper

„ Molony, Chartres Brew, sol. & Ennis

„ Strange, Thos. F. sol. & Waterford

13 The Law Club of Ireland— Charles F. Johnson, secretary; John Orpin, treasurer, 90l.

14 Lawless, George W. and Co. wholesale and retail stationers, envelope and account-book manufs. 100l.

„ Fisher, N. G. commission agent

15 Berney and Parslow, tailors and drapers, 112l.

„ Berney, Hy. merchant tailor

„ Morphy, Alex, solicitor, crown solicitor for the counties of Clare & Kerry, and Killarney, co. Kerry

„ Smyth, Wm. solicitor, and Newmarket-on-Fergus, co. Clare

16 Millar and Beatty, the Dublin carpet and oil cloth warehouse, 16 and 18 Dame street, 100l.

„ Millar, Jas. Steen, mer.—res. Argyle cottage, Belgrave-rd. Rathmines

„ Beatty, John, merchant—res. 13 Kenilworth-square, south

17 Orpin, John, solicitor, and Highthorn, Monkstown, 105l.

„ Orpin, John, jun. solicitor

„ Orpin, William B. barrister

„ Hely, Charles, wholesale stationer, and St. Bernards, Rathmines

18 Milar and Beatty, and 16, 110l.

19, 20, 21, & 22 Andrews & Co. Italian warehouse, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 460l.

20 Andrews, Arthur, merchant, and Tobernea-terrace, Monkstown

21 Andrews, George, merchant, and Williamstown, Blackrock

22 Andrews, Henry, merchant, and New Brighton, Mookstown

here South-Great George's-street intersects.

23 Fitzpatrick, William, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 104l.

24 Shaw, Wm. agent for the European Assurance and Guarantee Society, also agent for Messrs. Hutchinson and Tegner, Lloyd's, London, for marine assurances, and agent for the Royal Insurance Co. (fire department) (see advertisement)—res. 41 Turner's buildings, Rathmines, 80l.

„ Howe, D. solicitor

„ Babington, Thomas, solicitor, and Cork

„ McCarthy, John G. solicitor, and Cork

„ Ware, Thomas, solicitor, and Cork

„ Browning, Jeffrey, sol. and Cork

„ Furlong, Charles, sol. and Fermoy

„ Roche, James, solicitor, and Cork

„ Exham, Messrs. T. and R. K. sols. and Cork

„ M'Mullen, Joseph Edward, solicitor, and Cork

„ O'Donovan, Henry, solicitor, and Skibbereen

„ Noonan, Francis, solicitor, and Clonakilty

25 Waterhouse and Co. jewellers and silversmiths to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, 100l.

„ Waterhouse, Samuel S. jeweller—res. Glenalua Lodge, Killiney

„ Waterhouse, Mrs. Kilmore, Killiney

26 Leetch, Thomas, the city china warehouse and cut glass manufacturer, 105l.

27 Clowes & Woodward, gold & silver lace, and accoutrement manufacs. & embroiderers, &c. to the Queen, and 236 Regent-st. London, 90l.

„ Woodward, George, esq.—res. 149 Leinster-road

„ Clowes, Mrs.—res. 112 Sweetmount, Leinster-road

„ Dolan, Terence M. a.m. solicitor, and 31 Mountpleasant square

„ Torrance, G. H. manufacturer and commercial agent

28 Warren, Samuel, china and earthenware, lamp, lustre, and cut-glass manufacturer, 120l.

29 Harty, Edward J. chromo and engineering lithographer, steel, copper, and letterpress printer, and 7 Gough sq. Fleet st. London, c.e. 112l.

Provincial Fire and Life Co. Messrs. Vanderkiste and Leckey, agents

„ Vanderkiste, R. J. esq. 10 Monkstown crescent

„ Leckey, Joseph, esq. Elm cliff, Blackrock

„ Furlong, Brothers, stationers, printers, and account-book manufs.

30 Hyam, Benjamin, tailor, clothier, and outfitter—David Jacobs, manager, 135l.

31 Heacock, Jno. wholesale and retail furrier & skin importer—res. 2 Everleigh, Rathgar road, 106l.

„ Donnelly, Thomas, solicitor, and Linden, Leinster-road, west, Rathmines

32 Donegan, John, watch manufacturer, gold & silver smith, jeweller, &c. church plate & ecclesiastical warerooms, 110l.

33 Saunders, Joseph, house furnishing and manufacturing ironmonger, and patentee of improvement in kitchen ranges, 115l.

34 Cordner, Robert D. & Co. furnishing upholstery wareho. & fringe and coach-lace manufactory—res. 16 Belgrave road, Rathmines, 120l.

„ Sykes, George, woollen draper and merchant tailor—res. 15 Garville avenue, Rathgar

35 Parker, John, boot and shoe manufacturer to Her Majesty, and the Lord Lieutenant—res. 8 Charleston-terrace, Rathmines, 105l.

„ Read and Crawford, solicitors

„ Crawford, Thomas Reginald, solicitor

„ Read, William, solicitor

„ Jemison, John, solicitor—res. 4 Drumcondra terrace, west

„ Cassan, Edward, esq.—res. Eglinton park, Kingstown

36 Chambers, John, and Son, printers, stationers, & account book manufacturers, 115l.

37 Bruce and Symes, notaries public, stockbrokers, agents to the Pelican Life and Globe Fire and Life Insurance Companies, 104l.

„ Bruce, William, public notary and stockbroker—-res. 40 Wellington road

„ Symes, George, stockbroker—res. Bonnybrook, Artane

„ Symes, Glascott—res. Seapoint ldg. Clontarf

38 Williams, Richard, & Sons, public-notaries and stockbrokers to the Bank of Ireland, 108l.

„ Williams, Richard Palmer, esq.

39 Page and John, Government stock and share brokers, 112l.

„ Page, Samuel, notary public and stock broker, agent to the West of England Insurance Company—res. 105 Upper Rathmines

„ John, George A. stockbroker—res. 10 Cullenswood-avenue

40 and 41 Life Association of Scotland Buildings—Thomas Mackie, secretary, temporary offices at 57 Dame street (see advertisement)

here Trinity-st. & College-green intersect.

Commercial Buildings, 500l.

(See that head)

42 Woodlock and O'Donnell, stockbrokers, agents to the Sun Fire and Life Assurance Company of London, 80l.

„ Woodlock, Jsph. esq.—res. Homestead, Dundrum

„ O'Donnell, Jas. esq.—res. 37 Rutland square, west

43 Leinster Chambers (see that head) 170l.

44 Stephens, Joseph J. and Son, Government stock and sharebrokers, agents to the London Assurance Corporation—res. Longford-terrace, Monkstown, 55l.

45 Curry, John Robt. public accountant, referee and auditor, local manager to the Royal Fire, Life, and Annuity Co. for Dublin and South of Ireland Branch, also agent to the Accidental Death Insurance Co.—res. Villa Franca, Ballybrack, Killiney, co. Dublin (see advertisement,) 70l.

„ Ryan, Joseph, Gov. stock and share broker—res. 51 Lower Baggot st.

here Fownes's-street intersects

46 Manly, Joseph, jun. solicitor & land agent, secretary for Ireland to the Crown Life Office, and agent for the Imperial Fire Office of London, and the Norfolk Farmers' Cattle Insurance Society—res. 22 Pembroke-place, and Wyattville, Ballybrack (see advertisements), 76l.

Connorree Mining Company, limited —F. W. Greene, esq. secretary

47 United Kingdom Life Assurance Co. established, 1834—Morris, J. De Burgh, agent—res. Fairfield, Newbridge-avenue, Sandymount (see advertisement), 80l.

„ Morris, Mrs. Jane, Fairfield, and Newbridge-avenue, Sandymount

48 Thompson, William, cutler to Her Majesty & the Earl of Carlisle, 82l.

„ Smith, Jno. solicitor to the Corporation of Dublin—res. 2 Belvidere-pl.

49 Sheilds, J. Gore, local manager Royal Insurance Company, Dublin and North of Ireland Branch—res. 21 Fitzwilliam-street, upper (see advertisement), 90l.

„ Carpenter, T. A. & Co. merchants

„ Carpenter, Thomas A. esq. 2 Rockfort terrace, Dalkey

„ Carpenter, John Howard, esq. 2 Rockfort-terrace, Dalkey

here Crow-street intersects

50 Kennedy, James Birch, and Co. bankers and exchange agts. 100l.

„ Kennedy, James Birch, esq. and Marybrook, Dromara, co. Down

51 Fox, Edward and Anthony, agents to the Britannia Life Assurance Co., London, also agents to the Liverpool and London Fire Assurance Co. London (see advertisements), 100l.

„ Fox, Anth. esq.—res. Runnemede, Dundrum

„ Fox, Edwd. Gov. stock and share-broker—res. Glen-na-geragh Hall, Dalkey

„ Fox, Anthony, and Co. wine merchants—wine vaults, Temple-lane

(see advertisements)

52 Deering, Lucius H. agent for the Scottish Union Assurance Corporation of Edinburgh, and the Accidental Death Assurance Co. & agent for granting Foreign Office passport (see advertisement), 90l.

„ Deering and Hancock, wine merchants—stores, 14 Fownes's-street

„ Byrne, Peter, solicitor

„ Delany, Peter, solicitor

53 Geary, J. military and merchant tailor,

here Temple-lane intersects

54 Kenny & Owens, mer. tailors, hunting breeches & habit makers, 95l.

„ Kenny, Mr. T. Wm.—res. 37 Cullenswood-avenue, Ranelagh

„ Owens, Mr. William

55 Hynes, James, prop. of Red Bank oyster beds, & Burren, co.Clare, 68l.

56 M'Grath, Eliza, brush manufac. & sponge and brush importer, 75l.

„ Ward, Patrick, solicitor, agent to the London Western Life Assurance and Annuity Society—res. 1 Dunville-avenue, Ranelagh

„ Ward, Mr. John P.

„ O'Loughlin, Patrick J. sol. sessional crown solicitor for the co. Galway, and Dunmore, county Galway

„ Walsh, James, solicitor

„ Hudson, Thomas, coal facter

57 O'Keeffe, M and Co. nursery and seedsmen—nursery, Heytesbury street, and Rock lodge, co. Meath

„ O'Keeffe, Christopher, esq.

„ O'Keeffe, Michael, esq.

Life Association of Scotland, temporary offices—Thos. Mackie, secretary (see advertisement)

58 Wrights, Brothers, hat and hunting cap manufacturers, 80l.

„ M'Allister, Mary, pearl stringer

here Eustace-street intersects

59, 60, and 61 Rebuilding

62 and 63 Saunders's News Letter Office, 110l. 50l.

„ Elrington, Stephen N.

here Coghill's-court intersects

64 Oldham, G. & Co. apothecaries and wholes. chemists & druggists, and 107 Grafton-street, 115l.

65 Dobbyn, George, and Son, watch, clock, and timepiece makers to Her Majesty's offices, Irish railways, &c.—res. Merrion view ho. Merrion, 63l.

Carysfort Mining Company, limited—W. R. Fayle, sec; mining manager, Silas Evans, & Ovoco, Wicklow

The National Trade Protection Association, John Edw. Quinlan, esq., secretary for Ireland—Joseph Thos. Woods and Co. Directors, and London

66 Nelson, W. H. optician and mathematical instrument maker to the Lord Lieutenant, 62l.

„ Tinkler, John, agent for Alexander M'Kenzie and Co. improved sewing machine

„ Whaley, Miss, dressmaker

67 Dowling, Henry, breech & muzzle loading gun manufacturer 44l.

68, 69, and 70 Kane, Gregory, portmanteau and camp furniture manufac.—factory, 7 Crampton-court, and 21 & 22 Sycamore-alley—res. Margaretta, Mountainville lodge, Dundrum, 50l., 55l., 55l.

here Sycamore-alley intersects

71 Humphreys, J. and Co. patentees of brass, glass, and transparent letters, 50l.

72 Martin, Francis, watch and clock maker, silversmith & jeweller, 55l.

73 O'Connor, Thos. merchant tailor, clothier, and outfitter, 55l.

„ Scott, Patk solicitor and registrar to the Lord Chief Baron

„ Barry, Thomas, solicitor, and 7 George's quay, Cork

73 Bourke, Mich. solicitor, and Crossmolina

„ Foley, Thomas, solicitor, & Tourlane, Lismore

„ M'Carthy, Alex. jun. sol. and Cork

74 Wilkinson, Eliza, law and commercial stamp retailer, 60l.

„ Dennehy, Laurence, a.b. sol. dep. clerk of crown, city of Waterford

„ Dennehy, William John, sol. clerk of the crown for the county and city of Waterford, and clerk of the peace for the county of Waterford

„ Dennehy, Cornls. W. solicitor, clerk of the peace for the co. Waterford

„ Carroll, Richard and John Barry, solicitors, and Fermoy

„ Gee, James, solicitor

„ Davis, Henry, solicitor, and coroner of county Dublin, and St. John's-terrace, Clontarf

„ Davis, James, solicitor

„ Barry, John, solicitor

here Crampton-court intersects

75 Meares, Joseph, bootmaker, 70l.

„ Smith and Whitestone, solicitors

„ Whitestone, Berkeley E. solicitor, and Waterford

76 Hinkson, John, saddler and harness maker, 68l.

„ Rothschild, F. billiard rooms

77 Watkins, Joseph D. glover, & hunting breeches maker, & general outfitter to the Lord Lieutenant 58l.

„ Hinson, Henry G. sol. & New Ross

„ Coates, Archer, solicitor

„ Watkins, Bartholomew C. a.r.h.a. artist & picture cleaner & restorer

78 Switzer, Jeremiah, saddler to the Lord Lieutenant, 48l.

79 Dillon, Henry Augustus, solicitor and agent to the Minerva Life Assurance Co. (see advertisement), 65l.

„ Bolton, Edward J. solicitor, and Arbutus lodge, Monkstown

„ Leech, William, solicitor

80 Baxter, William, bootmaker to the Lord Lieut, and 1 South Anne-street—res. 45 Ranelagh road, 46l.

„ Heaketh and Berks, engravers

here Crane-lane intersects

81 Burke, P. J. grocer, home & foreign spirit dealer, 63l.

82 West, Lewis, razor and surgical instrument maker

„ Kenny, Edward, solicitor valued with 1 Parliament-st.

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