Abbey-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Capel-street to Liffey-street.

P. St. Mary.—1 to 18, and 137 to 151.—North City Ward.—City.

1 Higginson, Chas.provis. dealer, 20l.

„ Smith, Mrs. dressmaker

2 Gregory, Christopher, dairy, 20l.

3 Byrne, James, cooper 20l.

4 Halliday & Co. tobac. pipe agts. 24l.

5 Halliday, Geo. provision dealer, 21l.

6 Kelly, John, cork cutter, 22l.

7 Tenements, 28l.

8 Madden, F. Limerick and Dundalk tobacco mart, 27l.

9 Duffy, Patrick, mahogany & timber merch. and curled hair manufacturer, and 67 Strand-street, great—res. St. Helen's, Rathgar, 32l.

10 Odd Fellows' Buildings, 24l.

11 & 12 Reilly, James, cooper, 18l.

13 Murphy, John, & Co. crown window glass, oil, colour, and varnish warehouse, 20l.

14 Kelly, John, basket maker, 18l.

15 Lennon, John, cork manufactr. 17l.

16 Cleary, John, cooper, 14l.

17 Vacant, 11l.

18 Hanlon, Thos. provision dealer, 15l.

here Jervis-street intersects

19 Byrne, James, cooper, 12l.

20 Mahon, Peter, chandler, tobacconist, and provision dealer, 8l.

21 Tenements, 18l.

22 Maher, Peter, hairdresser, 13l.

23 Hoey, Charles, matting manuf. 18l.

24 Rice, James, cabinet turner, 10l.

25 Aylmer, John, turner, 10l.

26 Jaques, Zachariah, carver, 27l.

27 Hyller, Thos. W. saddletree mkr. 13l.

28 Coyle, Christopher, turner, 18l.

29 Nugent, John, cabinetmaker, 30l.

„ Glass, John, corkcutter

30 Thompson, Wm. house smith, and printing-press maker, 30l.

„ Kelly, Michael, cooper

„ Jewell, Alfred, cork manufacturer

31 Glover, Joseph, watchmaker, 16l.

32 & 27 Barker, Edwd. Oliver, contractor & builder, & 10 Dominick-street, upper—res. Prince William cottage, Beggar's bush, 33l.

„ Barker, Jas. contractor and builder, and 10 Dominick-street, upper

33 Higgs, Margaret and Thomas, cork cutters, 42l.

34 Higgs, John Simon, cork importer and manufacturer, 26l.

35 Loftus, Martin, turner, 14l.

36 Malone, John, provision dealer, 28l.

here Kelly's-court intersects

37 Jordan, James, cooper, 20l.

38 Kelly, Luke, grocer and spirit dealer, 35l.

39 M'Nulty, Robt. provision dealer, 18l.

40 Murtha, Christopher, dairy, 20l.

here Lower & Upper Liffey-st. intersect

115 Donnybrook Mills Bakery—George M'Cann and Co. proprietors

116 Tenements, 18l.

117 Heffernan, Martin, cooper, 18l.

118 Redmond, Denis, pawnbroker, 46l.

119 Moreton, John, furniture warehouse, 14l.

120 Kennedy, Jno. cork merchant and manufacturer, 32l.

121 Shannon, Thos. cabinetmaker, 44l.

122 Blythe, John, m.d. Homoeopathic Institution, and 16 Fitzwilliam-square, west, 35l.

123 M'Dowell, Alexander, esq. 26l.

124 Tabuteau, Bartholomew M. wine—merchant, and Consul for the Netherlands—res. Simmonscourt house, co. Dublin, 70l.

125 Nolan, James, corn merchant and flour factor, 55l.

126 Marshall, Thomas, carver, gilder, and looking glass manufac. 47l.

127 Cooke, Patk. furniture warerms. 34l.

128 Gilchreest, Matt. cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 25l.

here Farrell's-court intersects

129 Tenements, 14l.

130 Vacant, 15l.

131 Cox, Charles, turner, 15l.

132 Vacant, 15l.

133 Tenements

134 Toole, Darby, dairy, 13l.

135 Tenements, 13l.

136 Seabrook, Jno. vintner, 24l.

here Jervis-street intersects

137 Davis, Sam. glass warehouse, Roman cement, plaster of Paris, oils, colours, & soda merchant; stores, 8 and 60 Jervis-street; factory, Hibernian mills, Kilmainham.

138 O'Neill, John, vintner, 20l.

139 Madden, Lott, dairy, 13l.

140 Doran, Andw. groc. & prov. dlr. 17l.

here Stafford-street intersects

141 Tenements, 20l.

142 Connolly, Patrick, brass founder and gasfitter, 18l.

143 Tenements, 17l.

144 Plasto, John, printer, bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 20l.

145 Telford, Wm. carver & gilder, 18l.

146 Hogan, Bryan, upholsterer and palliasse maker, 20l.

here Stable-lane intersects

147 O'Brien, Peter, oyster shop, 20l.

148 Dalton, Mrs. tobacconist, 20l.

149 Quinn, Peter, shell-fish dealer, 18l.

150 Harris, Joseph, carv. & gilder, 16l.

151 M'Nally, John, book & periodical news agent, 14l.

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