SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Cope-street to Temple-bar.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

1 Caulfield, John, commercial salesman and accountant, 18l.

„ Whytlaw, John Newton, commiss. merchant, agent, and corn factor

„ Lecky, William, general merchant and commission agent—res. Elm villa, Sandymount

„ Jee, Charles E. commission agent

„ Alexander, J. F. commission agent

2 Salmon, Rice, and Co. plaster of Paris & cement manufactory, and at 3 Anglesea-street, 14l.

3 Barney, Geo. commission agent—res. Sandymount-avenue, 14l.

„ Barney, James, commission agent

4 Williams, Joseph, wholesale coffee dealer, agent for tea, sugar, chocolate, and biscuits, 15l.

5 White, Wm. cork manuf. 15l.

6 Johnston, James A. commission mer.—res.31 Up. Gloucester st. 4l.

„ Taylor, Alfred, clockmaker and mechanist

here Temple-bar intersects

7 Fitzgerald, Michl. shoemkr. 2l.10s.

8 Exham & Blackley, wine mercht.—office, Commercial Buildings, 8l.

9 Hanlon, John, marble chimney-piece manufacturer, 10l.

10 Jordon, Archibald, carpenter and cabinetmaker, 6l.

11 Robinson & Co. merchants, 15l.

„ Davis, Thomas, carpenter

12 Gilker, James, merch. & 4 Cope st.

13 Stores

14 Markey, Michl. letterpress printer

„ Garvey, Wm. commission mer. agent to Tribor, Files, and Co. Cognac, and Walter Booth and Co. Llangollen Brewery

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