SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dame-street to Cecilia-street.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

1 Adams, James, bookbinder, 28l.

„ Lee, James and Patrick, tailors

2 Forster and Co. engravers to Her Majesty's Government offices, embossers, & chromo-lithographers, die sinkers, show label. and frame manuf. and 25 Temple-lane, 55l.

3 Fowler, John F. printer, and 24 Temple-lane—residence, 8 Sorrento-terrace, Dalkey, 27l.

4 Meagher, Pierce, tailor, 23l.

5 Frengley, Jacob, watchmaker, and imptr. of watch mats. tools, &c. 22l.

„ Clarke, Ed. jeweller and goldsmith

„ Clarke, Richd. stone seal engraver

6 Watters, Jno. account-book manu. bookbinder, card maker, and machine ruler, & 21 Temple-lane, 30l.

7 & 8 Woods, Adam, merchant, & 20 Temple-lane. 28l.

9 Espy, Robert Wellington, agent and accountant, 21l.

„ Empson, W. H. commercial agent, and 12 Commercial chambers

here Cecilia-street intersects

10 Hicks, Thomas, military tailor, 21l.

11 Reilly, Jas. tailor and draper, 25l.

12 Cooper, Wm. manuf. agent, 22l.

„ Braham, H. travelling stationer

13 Harrison, Joseph, gold beater, 23l.

„ Tommins, Pat. A. heraldic engraver

14 Mitchell, Pat. tailor and draper, 23l.

15 Beahan, Mr. Michael, 23l.

„ Wright & Bradbury, engravers and stamp cutters

„ Wright, John, heraldic and ornamental engraver

„ Burns, Blair, bookbinder

16 Whitley, Thomas, merch. tailor, 19l.

17 Willett, Mr. Edmond, 24l.

„ Giltrap, James, law agent, and scriveners' office

18 Williamson, Thomas Trench, engraver, lithographer, & stationer to the Lord Lieutenant—res. 5 Monkstown-crescent, 25l.

„ Bryant and Cochran, watch and clock makers

19 Aston, Margt. mercht. tailor, 26l.

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