SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Essex-street to Dame-street.

P. St. Andrew, 4 to 19. P. St. Werburgh, 1 to 3, & 20 & 21.—South City W.—City.

1 & 2 Rathbourne, John G. wax and spermaceti candle manufactory, oil refiner, and general oil merchant, and 44 Essex-street, 20l.

3 Tenements

4 Mahony, Joseph, silversmith, plater, and gilder, 8l.

5 Bushe, John, watch glass manf. 15l.

6 Rogers, Wm. watch glass manuf. 17l.

7 Connolly, John, mercht. tailor, 15l.

8 Connell, Henry, tavern keeper, 26l.

9 and 10 O'Beirne, Michael, fluid magnesia and soda water manufacturer, 12l., 8l.

here Dame-street intersects

11 O'Duffy, Jno. dentist, & 75 Dame-st.

12 Gaynor, Cornelius, tavern, 18l.

13 Shannon, Jas. boot & shoe mkr. 9l.

14 Brown, Samuel, tailor, 11l.

15 Hufferdine, Joseph, working jewlr. 8l.

16 and 17 Tenements, 8l., 12l.

18 Moulang, Josh. watch case maker and metal gilder, 11l.

19 Magrath, Daniel, tobacconist, 5l.

20 Ruins

21 Kerns, Mary Jane, lodg.-house, 8l.

22 Flanagan, James, spirit stores, 8l.

23 Tucker, Archibald, dentist, 8l.

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